Ginger Ice

A girl who falls in love... A boy whose fallen for... A captain of a crew... And a girl that's dying..
All the stories come together and intertwine as one... To create a story that will never be forgotten.
Credit to Jade.P for this amazing cover!


2. Pairs

Liza and I bound to the nearest tree before the guard can catch us. We giggle and run to the next one, then the next one, and then the next. Soon we reach our hideout, an old abandoned warehouse. We're gonna miss this place. 

As I'm running, another spark catches my eye. I frown and stop, while Liza keeps running. She looks behind her, but walks inside, leaving the door open. Frowning out the window as she watches me, she turns away. She knows me too well. 

As I look around, flashes keep appearing at the rim of my eyelashes. When I find the source coming from a nearby bush, I do my usual: act before thinking, and run toward it.

"Come on Ali! I've already got the fire going, for the snack!" Liza calls from inside the building, and I quicken my pace. 

"Yeah yeah, just a second! I need to check something!" I call back. I keep running. As I approach the bush, it rustles, and in a flash, I see a blur of black fly past me. I whizz around to see a boy sprinting down the alley way, toward the market. I grin and call out to Liza, "I'm gonna pick up a couple things at the market, and I won't be long!" The smile is still on my face when I run. Because I'm sure of one thing: the boy I saw was a boy named Jack.

I keep running and running, until I can't run much longer. Where did he go? I think. Then I see another flash of black. He's looping back to the hideout! Luckily I know a shortcut, and I quickly open the door to the building to my right and climb up the stairs, which spiral up. Once I reach the top, I open the hatch and I quickly walk over to the edge. The building next to it


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