Ginger Ice

A girl who falls in love... A boy whose fallen for... A captain of a crew... And a girl that's dying..
All the stories come together and intertwine as one... To create a story that will never be forgotten.
Credit to Jade.P for this amazing cover!





Part of me wishes I had never met him. Part of me thinks that's crazy, that he's the one. But both sides of my head are battling each other. Fighting to make the other one see how it does. But I can't choose. It's too important. No, he's too important. But now, I have to choose. I have to choose if I want him, or not.

Chapter One

As I walk along the smooth, white sidewalk, a small spark catches my eye. I look around, and don't see it anymore. Curiously, I look in the bushes. Nothing. In the windows of all the houses. Nothing. I shrug and keep walking to school.


"Alix? Alix!" calls the woman. "Answer the question please."

"It's Ali. What was the question?" The woman smirked at me. I sighed and listened for her next annoying question.

"What is the answer to this question, was the question." she says as she pokes her finger at the paper, nearly poking a hole. I look at the paper. I sigh again. I read the question aloud. 

"What was the first law of our Society?" I smirk. "Easy. No fighting." In my mind I chuckle again. "Two, never lie. Three, work hard. Three, take your-" she cuts me off. 

"Don't be a smart mouth. Just because you're getting your pair today doesn't mean you're a full adult. Now it's detention or your homework." She looks at the rest of the class, and then turns away, doing some more pairing work. Probably trying to get me the worst pair yet. I groan and stuff the papers in my bag. I'm so not doing today's homework: 15 pages of Literacy and science, 12 of math. No way. I'd rather have detention.

Groaning out the door, I glance at Kat. He winks at me and I roll my eyes. He always said we'd be pairs. I don't believe that.

"Here comes the detention girls." moans Liza. Apparently she had the same idea as me, and was just on her way out the door. She stopped by me and giggled, eyeing Will. He thinks she's gonna be his pair. Kat, Liza, Will, and I are best buds. We tease each other every day. Will's a bit sensitive though. 

"Yep. Just making sure I get a trouble maker as a pair." I say sarcastically. Liza and I laugh together, but the moment we get through the door, we stop. Standing inside is the worst teacher ever. She hasn't noticed us yet, so we back out the door and make a run for it. No way we're doing homework or taking detention.

"Well, looks like we're ditching today." Me and Liza laugh as we zip out the door excitedly.




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