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1. taco salad

Everything is Fleeting.

You hurt me.

I've noticed that people I once called my closest and best are utter strangers leaving abusive commentary and petty repor in my wake. Dauntless evil, aswell as the love and admiration to see my demise.

I left a heartfelt comment on your video, I poured my love out on that digital page and you deleted it. You hurt me. What did I ever do to you but show you love in the way I know best.

You hurt me.

And time and time again I am being judged on everything I do or fail to do. I hate the way you act towards me. The worst of me is shown only in your company. You are immature and unkind and your statements are unjust and flawed. You have feelings that deserve to be accounted for but have in no way or right to be an outlet for my self destruction and self consciousness.

You will not hurt me any longer.

Your words are just nonsense.

Stop flapping your gums.

You hurt me...but no more.

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