Life of Happines

This is about 2 kids who are happy together then get split up. They find each other 10 years later and are happy. But what they don't know what it cost to live in a life of happiness. One will be hurt the other would lose in this Life of Happiness


2. Momma Jane

    Now my momma was the most beautiful and thoughtful momma a girl could ever have. She has always loved me and gave time to me even through her big show. But the day that I went so upset was because I knew that the day would come that I would lose my momma and I didn't know it would come this fast.

   The day I lost Momma Jane was the day my soul died, she lost her life at the age of 31. She was so young for her to die she wasn't even 35 yet. The way she died is by being raped by a guy in the alley. I never met my dad but she was raped one time at the age of 21 and that was my daddy. She never knew who he was, but this guy raped her and then killed her in the alley. I bet he thought he was going to get the money but he wasn't. James mom came and got me so I could live with her.

  "Now dear don't worry the police will find him," James momma told me.

   " Thank you for letting me stay with you guys," I thanked her. I was hoping that one day I would be happy but not without my momma. Momma Jane always makes me happy and never lets me cry at all. Now that I live with James I just think of Momma Jane. His momma made pancakes just like my momma. Melt the butter first then start the pancake.

Man do I miss my Momma Jane. Rest in peace I love you!!!1

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