Life of Happines

This is about 2 kids who are happy together then get split up. They find each other 10 years later and are happy. But what they don't know what it cost to live in a life of happiness. One will be hurt the other would lose in this Life of Happiness


1. At least we met

               Mary was only 10 years old when she finally met her best friend and soon she hoped that they would be together forever. But first let us get down and tell the true story of how she met her best friend, James. She lived in a big house in New York City. Her mother was a actress and one of the well known ones too. But anyways she was walking down main street until she saw this boy with blonde hair, blue eyes and in a fancy outfit, like he was going to a fancy dinner party. He looked about her age and his mother was on the same set his mother was on, she was wondering how come she never saw him, he looks so handsome. She decided to walk up to him and start a conversation only 10 year old kids would have.

      "Hello my name is Mary," she told him.

       "Hello Mary, my name is James, and that is a nice dress," he replied.

     She thought in her head that he would be the perfect boyfriend for her, he was so kind and nice it felt like he was acting like a gentleman towards her. She started to blush and hoped that they would be good friends one of these days, or maybe together forever.

       "Thank you James, for the excellent compliment about my dress, and might I say those pants look rather lovely on yah," she told him acting like a woman she felt like.

       "Your welcome, we should be friends, I have lots of friends but none quite as special as yah," he told her.

    There it was again another lovely compliment and after that one she knew they would be best friends forever, so she kept on talking to him until they both had to leave. You see his mom and mine were shooting a movie together and we knew we would see each other everyday since we met, until something bad happened in my life.

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