This is a story about Draco and Hermione in their third year. I hope you like it! THIS IS A DRAMIONE. Do not read if you don't ship. Please like, favour and/or comment!


4. The Accident Just Waiting To Happen

After the little You're-A-Bouncy-Little-Ferret incident, Draco sulked back to the Slytherin compartment and plopped down on the couch. He (like the tiny bit of a baby he is), punched the wall. He pouted for 30 minutes then walked back down the hall. He was halfway down, when he ran into someone. 

"Whoa! Watch whe-"Draco said, catching the stranger.

"Hey! What's yo-"she said as Draco caught her.

But the reason they stopped their sentences was because when Draco caught the girl, their lips brushed together. He opened his eyes and she opened hers. Her mouth dropped open and he moved back. He turned around and knew instantly why her mouth dropped open. 

"MALFOY! G..get....aw..away.....fr...from.......h....her....n...n...n...NOW!" Ron yelled, shaking with fury.

"I'm not scared of you, Weasley."

Ron ran over to Draco and grabbed his arm. He twisted it and hit it with his hand. Hermione  heard a loud SNAP.

"Draco! Are you okay?!?!?!???????????!!!!!!!!!"yelled Hermione as she ran over to Draco. "Oh, no! You have a broken arm. CURSE YOU RONALD WEASLEY!!!! Expelliarmus! Stupefy! Langlock! Petrificus Totalus!" said Hermione. She helped Draco up and found one of the prefects. They told her to go to compartment Z 20 and she'll find Madam Pomfrey waiting there for her.

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