This is a story about Draco and Hermione in their third year. I hope you like it! THIS IS A DRAMIONE. Do not read if you don't ship. Please like, favour and/or comment!


7. Maybe A Bit More Than Friends...............

"So, what did Malfoy say?" Ron asked.

"He told me that he was sorry about the way he acted on the train. And don't say that he was lying because he looked sincere and his eyes were full of forgiveness. So shut your mouth."

"I wasn't going to say anything about it, but now I want to so bad."

"Well just shut it."


"Ron! I said shut it!"

"Ewww, touchy" Ron said, earning a hard kick in the shin.

"OWWWWWWWW!!!! That hurt!!!"

"Shhhhhhhhhhh! Be quiet! Filch will catch us!" Harry said in a whisper-yell. Ron stuck his tongue out at Harry and Harry kicked him in the shin once more. He then put his hand over Ron's mouth so he could yell without Filch hearing them.

"Ooommmmphphwww!" Ron said in a muffled yell.

They went through hidden passageways, behind tapestries, then appeared at Gryffindor Tower. 

"Mimbulus Mimbletonia"

The portrait of the Fat Lady swung open and Harry and Ron walked into the common room. There they saw Hermione staring off into space with a grin on her face.

"Hermione? Are you dead?"

"Hermione?" Harry said, moving his hand up and down in front of her eyes. She gave him an irritable look and slapped his hand out of the air.

"Ouch, that hurt!"

"Well, get your hand out of my face."

"Okay, okay!"

"I'm going to bed before either of you decide to come up with a clever plan to get us killed or worse, EXPELLED."


"Hey, Hermione, will you take a walk with me, you know as friends? Draco asked Hermione.


"Okay, umm, I need to ask you something."


"I wanted to know if you will.....if you will maybe go out with me? You know like be my g......girl.....girlfriend?" Draco asked Hermione, while hoping for a yes, but expecting a no.

"OMG! Blimey, Draco this......this is so........so sudden! Erm........."

"So it's a no." Draco said, his face falling.

"No, it's a yes!" Hermione said and Draco's face lit up.

"You mean it?"

"Yes, silly, I mean yes!"said Hermione, laughing. She gave Draco a hug and kissed him on the lips full-on. He kissed her back passionately. They gave each other one last hug and went back to the Great Hall. They looked at each other and went back to their house tables.

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