Alone 2


2. Alone 2

Hey everybody its still me, Selena :)) So lets get ready for read, but its different now(Somehow)



I am sitting in the cafeteria and eating my food. I am sitting alone(Like always, but i can handle that) I am enjoying myself. I am have been through hard times in my life, and maybe its not going to stop at all.  I am seeing people laugh around me and having fun, i am seeing people who focus on the homework, and the future hope and eating at the same time(weeird). Thats what i see every (single) day. Nothing different in my school. Woow wow i take it back, its seems like Tesha (The girl from my story) sitting alone by herself. I know what you think, i am not going over to the slute who did this to me, better being alone then coming back to ex bestfriend.. (Ex bestfriend doesn't makes sense lol, but you still know what i am mean ;) ).  But i dont care about her, i am moved on, now its my turn to take the way i choose. My phone ringing, its my mom i choose to pick it up "Hi mom? something wrong?" i said worried, "Selena, somebody have through trash on our window, and all the toilet paper its all over our house. " Did my mom say, and i was choked. How could it happen?!?! "Mom i am on my way" i said fast and close the phone, she was still looking at me... I packed my stuff, and run home instead of taking the bike. 


At Home 

I cant believe it.. Who did this on our house. I open the door to our house, everything looks fin inside but outside its a such a big mess. I could hear my mom cry so much, "Mom? please talk to me"  i said and start to cry "Who can do this, to us, we..we are the most kindness neighbours in this place. How can people hate us? " Did she say and cried even more. I stand up for looking around, if i can find something "somebody" have lost. I looked front of house but there was nothing.. i looked at the street, i could see that some car have been here, and drive really fast. Then i could see some negle, a fake one, girls use when the negle its broke or if the are in a party and trying to look good.. I took it and put it in my  pocket. The only evidence i found its the was a girls or girl, and there have been a car around here. 


I took bag to my mom, to tell her thats everything its gonna be alright. And i am going to clean this mess out there. " You are the best daughter, god gave me, thank you" She said and kissed me on the  forehead, she stand up and walked to the bathroom to clean her face, when i am sitting and thinking who could be here. It will take time, if i dont find out who it is in 45 hours i call the police! because its not alright!


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