Our Last Kiss

What happens when Kalani is offered a gig with her bestest friends. Being the opening act for their favourite boy band for two years. Will relationships form or will truths be discovered


6. Chapter 6- The FaceTime Call

Kalani's P.O.V

I knew mum was mad that I left my phone there but I had my iPad and messaged her to make her aware that I was stupid and left at the competition. As I was typing a huge long paragraph, I got a random FaceTime call from a blocked number so before I answered it I call the girls around and said "get the masks". Jemma grabbed the scary masks and raced over and threw us our masks. I answered as we all scrambled to put our masks on before it connected,"who ever it is, is gonna get a shock of a life time" Tiana said all giggly. We finally connect to see Luke, Calum, Michael and Aston greeting us with "Hey-AHHHHHHH"

"Yes girls we did it, we scared 4 boys" I cheered as we removed our masks. "Wait, How did you get Kalani's FaceTime" Emma and Jemma asked in unison then did the handshake thingy, "Stalkers, I knew it and you didn't believe me, THEY ARE BLOODY STALKERS" Tiana yelled. "No we are stalkers someone seemed to leave there phone here, there may be some selfies" Calum said holding up my phone.

"Oi, leave it. I should really put a password on that thing" I replied practically yelling at him. "Why are you even calling us"

"Well, we have news" the boys said in unison.

"Omg just tell us before Kalani starts crying from to much suspense" Emma said practically yelling at them

As I felt tears about to come on, they finally replied by saying "infinity is the new opening act for 5Seconds Of Summer".

Hey guys. Thanks for reading. I'm so joyful that you are actually reading this. Leave a like, comment, potato. POTATO MAN OUT. PEACE

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