Our Last Kiss

What happens when Kalani is offered a gig with her bestest friends. Being the opening act for their favourite boy band for two years. Will relationships form or will truths be discovered


5. Chapter 5- The performance.


"Uh, girls you ready to perform, girls" Miki said and we all snapped our heads towards her as she gathered our attention. " uh yeah, sorry" I said as we saw that 5sos were giggling at us."Hi, we are infinity, I'm Kalani" I said trying to fix the strap on my bass." That's Tiana on the kit, Emma with the guitar and that's Jemma with every other instrument you can think of".

"And we will be performing our song Still Into You." Emma said I thanked her as I walked over to the microphone with the bass over my shoulder. As Tiana and Emma started to song, I lost all nerves that I had and sung!!

By the end of the song I was basically about to jump off stage into the big pit but was held back by Emma and Jemma. We finally walked off stage and sat down at a table in front of 5sos and miki."okay so what do you wanna know about us before you have to stalk us" Tiana said with attitude I wish she didn't use."Um okay she didn't have to say stalk, but anyway I'm Luke, this is Calum, Ashton and Michael". Luke said making me aware that his name was Calum the mysterious hot guy was Calum."so how did you guys meet"Ashton ask not even looking away from Emma, "Um well we didn't meet at school as such we live sorta close together and became best friends by catching the same bus, and we just started a band " I said a bit nerves cause I saw he was starting."yeah" the other girls agreed and did a fist pump handshake thingy,"why do you that" asked Calum "well Kalani has a younger sister and they made that handshake and well it stuck on to us, but we only do it went we say something in unison" Jemma answered. "Kalani you have a sister" the boys asked in unison "the spawn of satan" we replied in unison then did our handshake thingy and giggled.

After what felt like 100 questions miki told us "okay girls it's time for the other groups, we will call you later to make you aware of your result". As we walked back across the road I realised that I left my floral headband and phone there "crap" I yelled. "What's up" Tiana asked. "I left it on the table with my phone" I yelled. Mum was gonna kill me, she was so gonna kill me.

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