Our Last Kiss

What happens when Kalani is offered a gig with her bestest friends. Being the opening act for their favourite boy band for two years. Will relationships form or will truths be discovered


4. Chapter 4- The first sight

Kalani's p.o.v

I was awoken by three teenage girl jumping on my bed in our hotel room. "GET OFF ME. YOU IMMATURE GIRLS" I screamed. "Well, you have a maximum of 20 minutes to get ready so HURRY" Jemma said wanting to sound so sophisticated, which if I say so myself she isn't that proper. Okay, yeah I was the only one in the group that didn't go to a private school, but hey I was getting good grades that's all that mattered. I got out of my comfy as hotel bed and raced to the wardrobe and picked out a floral dress with tight bust and free flowing at the hips, and my varsity jumper (which I loved). I then made my way to our vanity that the competition gave us, and did my hair and make up. Just before we got up to leave I raced to find my floral headband and placed it on.

After we left the hotel room we raced across the road to the big area where we will meet 5sos. The girls were all giddy as we arrived to the front entrance "hello we are infinity" I said to the bodyguard who had what looked like a list of everyone who is allowed in in his hand. We took our seats in front of the stage waiting for the band and the competition director to come out, but to our surprise only the competition director came out to say "Hello lady's and gentlemen, I am Mikayla but you can call me miki, the boys want to show up as you walk on stage, so everyone can go back stage and we will have infinity up first". "Omg that's us" I whisper yelled to the girls. "We know" they said in unison and did the fist pump handshake thing. As we walked up to the stage I said to the girls " now I know you love them but please keep it together" I said with a little bit of nervousness in my voice.

"Okay here come the guys" miki said


Omg I can't actually believe we got this far in the competition as I walked to grab the guitar that they had waiting for us, I heard miki announce "okay her come the guys" I couldn't believe that we were playing in front of 5sos I couldn't believe was about to perform in front of Ashton Irwin. And then I saw him.


As I walked around to the drum set I heard a muffled sound it must have been miki cause it was an unrecognisable voice. I turned to see 5sos walk in but I couldn't keep my eyes off of Luke hemmings like seriously who wouldn't like Luke.


I heard miki announce "okay here come the guys". I didn't want to look but I knew it was rude I turned around to see him. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Who was he?

Hey sorry for not posting been forgetting about it completely okay guys here is the new chapter might do another one tomorrow. Potato man out.

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