Our Last Kiss

What happens when Kalani is offered a gig with her bestest friends. Being the opening act for their favourite boy band for two years. Will relationships form or will truths be discovered


3. Chapter 3- The flight

We finally finished packing at 11pm and we were tired as poop due to the lack if sleep the night before so before we went to bed I read out a text I got from the director if the competition saying "Hello, girls I would like to make you aware that the band you will be meeting is 5 Seconds Of Summer" the girls all screamed until my mum yelled " INFINITY, SHUT UP" we all fell silent and then we started giggling quietly. " she took the words right outta my mouth" I said giggling as we went to sleep I began thinking why did the girls find 5SOS so attractive. But before long I passed out in the sound of quiet teenage girls sleeping.

In the morning my mum had made us infinity pancakes which we loved, I knew she was proud. By the time we got dressed and did our hair and makeup we were late so we all jumped into the car hoping to get there very soon. By the time we got there we had to quickly say our fair-wells and ran to catch our plane. I hope everything works out cause I would hate the disappoint the infinity family.

We finally got on the plane and the take off was horrible. All bumpy and rough. "Let's hope landing isn't anything like this I muttered to my self due to the lack of Tiana. Where did she go?? It was time for landing and we have even more of a rough landing then a take off which was horrible. When we got to our hotel I was tired and I took a quick nanna nap on the couch. Man I was tired.

Soz for the short chapter my phone is bugging up and kept deleting what I wrote so yeah. Thanks for reading.

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