Our Last Kiss

What happens when Kalani is offered a gig with her bestest friends. Being the opening act for their favourite boy band for two years. Will relationships form or will truths be discovered


2. Chapter 2- The Call

I answered the phone to hear a unfamiliar male voice saying "hello, is this infinity". "Hello, yes this is infinity" I said quickly as I scrambled to place my phone on speaker. "How may we help you" Emma said taking control of the silence that I left. "Did you send in a video audition to the 'Fallen Angels' competition" the competition director asked. Everyone in the room looked at me "yes we did" I said confidently. "Well girls I have good news and bad news. Which one would you like to hear first?" Before the man could say another word we all yelled nearly making the poor man on the other end deaf "GOOD NEWS!" He replied by saying "Okay girls the good news is that you are in the semi final, and the ba" but before he could finish both me and Emma were screaming our lungs off. As Jemma and Tiana tried to get our attention but the simple word "girls" wasn't working. Then Tiana screamed "EMMA KALANI LET THE POOR MAN TELL US THE BLOODY BAD NEWS". " sorry sir" we said in unison. Then we did our fist pump handshake thingy." So girls as I was saying before the bad news is that cause you entered to competition late you guys have to leave for Sydney in two days to meet the band and impress them". "Okay thanks for calling and letting us get this far" Tiana said. "Goodbye and I'll meet you in a couple days" said the director "bye" we all said in unison then we did our fist bump handshake thingy.

A day later we were all at my house packing "guys this is the first plane I have ever been on" I said worried because I watch so much of the air crash investigation. " you will be fine" the girls reassured me I just hope they are right.

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