*For the Hunger Games fanfiction competition- Peeta's POV*
Set between the ending of Catching Fire through Mockingjay, this story is Peeta's point of view as he was captured by the Capitol, and tortured.


5. The End

A/N The events that happened (eg. Darius and Lavinia, Peeta strangling Katniss, etc.) were mentioned the original Mockingjay/Catching Fire and belong to Suzanne Collins, not me...! Some of the quotes (eg. the quote where Beetee explained 'hijacking') are also in the original Mockingjay and belong to Suzanne Collins. 

A/N The events might not match up exactly to the books (that was intentional).

That's it-

So this is the end of my movella, Captured. I hope you enjoyed it:D

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