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Berwald knows he's always loved Timo. Every single second spent around him is both beautiful and painful.

A SuFin (Sweden x Finland) fic set around various events from 1999 and forward.


1. En

A/N: Heya! This is just a quick note saying that I'll be using human names (though it is set in the canon universe, so they're still personified countries), I don't actually speak Finnish but I use a few bits of it here and there, they're done by google translate so sorry to anyone who's Finnish that reads this, and that this is gonna hopefully be a multi-chapter fic! Also, I'll be calling Fin Timo rather than Tino (as Tino isn't a commonly used name in Finland). Hope you enjoy!


Berwald can't remember how long he's known Timo. Certainly a long time. But what he does know is that he's always loved the Finnish man, and he always will. Even if it means having to endure Mathias' endless teasing (big brothers are always a problem, even for countries).

One would expect Berwald to easily tell Timo how he feels; nothing is hard when you're a 6'4 ex-Viking that scares even some of the greatest of nations. And he's rarely ever scared or worried. But anytime he decides he'll finally tell Timo he really does love him, that he's always loved him - he never gets it out and always ends up talking about something else before excusing himself and hiding. 

Of course, Berwald constantly showed affection towards Timo. Be it resting his head on his lap or playing with his hair, their relationship was always confusing. Just past the status of friends but not yet lovers. Timo always assumed whenever Berwald referred to him as his wife, it was just a joke. A really long, ongoing joke ever since they left Mathias' home.

Currently, the Nordics all sat in Mathias' hotel room in Israel watching the Eurovision Song Contest (the group had chosen not to go to watch it in the at the venue, largely due to Berwald's fear of large crowds and Emil being a rather typical teenager). As per usual, Berwald had put his arms around Timo's waist and rested his head on his lap, only paying a little bit of attention to the TV. There were only about three more countries yet to perform, and Sweden had their turn ages ago. Though Finland weren't in the competition this year, Timo's mood was still good and he gladly rooted for Sweden (most of the Nordics did, in fact Mathias had openly admitted he enjoyed Sweden's song - though not as much as his own).

All Berwald could really focus on was Timo. It certainly hadn't gone unnoticed by the Swede that the other man had started softly stroking his hair. Thankfully, Timo had stopped being so scared of Berwald after a little while of knowing him. Frankly, he was just a big teddy bear in his eyes.

Everything seems to speed up, and without noticing until Mathias starts both cheering for his little brother, and booing that he'd lost, Berwald looks at the TV screen and sees his country had won the contest.

"Sve! Ya did it, congrats! I mean, my song was obviously the best, let's be real here. But still, well done man!" The Dane jumps up from his place on his armchair and walks over to Berwald, messing up his hair before heading over to grab another beer. Emil and Lukas merely nod at Berwald (Emil's mood significantly dropping due to the fact he got second place, which is always a painful place to be).

"Onneksi olkoon, Ber! Your song was so wonderful!"

Thankfully, no one seems to notice Berwald's red cheeks at the compliment. He was used to Emil and Lukas rarely expressing congratulations with words (and in some ways he preferred it if they merely were silent) and though he and Mathias still did fight sometimes, Mathias was perhaps his biggest supporter, right after Timo; though Mathias was pretty much everyone's biggest supporter.

"Tack, Timo."  The larger man replies, shutting his eyes and allowing himself to simply enjoy being with Timo, even if they weren't alone, which he'd much prefer.

The room is fairly quiet for a few minutes, with Emil and Lukas flicking through channels on the TV and Mathias slowly drinking his beer. Berwald and Timo converse about a few things, mostly stuck in their own world. Mathias decides to speak up in naturally loud voice, breaking the comfortable silence.

"You know, you two are allowed to leave and spend some time alone. If ya know what I mean." He ends his sentence with a wink. Berwald's eyes widen and he tries to hide his face in Timo's jumper, causing the spiky haired blond to chuckle.

"Oh come on Mathias, you know me and Ber are friends." Timo replies, removing his hands from Berwald's hair as the Swede hides in his jumper (which is a surprisingly common thing, Ber is constantly hiding his face in Timo's clothing or shoulder).

"Yeah, you sure are. Come on, have you seen you two? It's almost gross how much you like each other. For god's sake, there's a child in the room, kids find all romance gross. Trust me, I did." He points at Emil, who of course becomes pretty offended at the term 'child' - he's a good fifteen years old in human years, thank you very much Mathias.

"Shush Matt, you're embarrassing Ber!"

"Yeah, he's embarrassed 'cause he likes you~" He says in a sugary tone. "He even told me once! Ber, tell Tim how much ya like him."

There's no reply, and instead Berwald just stands up from the sofa and walks out of the room without a single word uttered.


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