RT's Graphics Store [Closed]



1. Intro and Rules and Other Business



It's rather obvious what this is. I will make anything to the best of my abilities.

So, first up, the dreaded rules. Don't worry, I don't have that many.



1. Comment using some semblance of the appropriate form. The more specific, the better idea I'll have on what to do.

2. Be patient. If I have 'liked' your comment, then it means I have seen it and is on my list.
(But I'll still probably reply to it if I think I'll take a relatively long time)

3. Your book must be published or will be published within a few days. If it's going to rot in your drafts or you're going to draft/delete it after a week or something, the request is denied.

4. I can deny as well retract acceptances for requests without giving a reason.

Yeah. That's it.

Oh and if you decide to use what I make for you, credit in the summary would be sweet.


Other Stuff:

1. I am not very consistent. Some attempts turn out pretty great, others....not so much.

2. Fanfiction graphics are pretty difficult so I make no promises on the quality for those. It's just really hard to find images.

3. I am not a professional. I do this for fun and when I'm having trouble writing.

4. I will only be open to minor changes for a graphic. No one gets a complete redo.

5. I can usually do GIF banners/typographies and stuff. If you provide the image, I can make the thing and then send you a mumble of the image so that it works.

6. Like other designers, I put a fair amount of work into what I make. If you're going to be a request whore, don't bother asking me to make you something. I've noticed that some people will asked 5+ stores for a cover at the same time and this is pretty rude to the respective designers. If you don't like what has been made, fine, let the designer know and ask someone else AFTER receiving your cover.


The forms will be on the next chapter along with a couple of examples.

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