Our Life

Christina is a troubled 18 year old. Can her boyfriend , the famous Justin Bieber , help her through these times? Let's find out...


3. School

Hey guys! So I decided to give you all another chapter! :) Regardless of the goal, I am officially bored and I think I would reach 10 likes if there were more chapters. So please read and when you are done, hit that like button! Maybe even the favourite button. ;) Okay so, enjoy this chapter and more to come!!




    Once we arrive at my familiar hellhole also known as ''School'' , Justin stops the car and looks at me with his caramel brown eyes.

"Okay babe, I'll pick you up at 3:30 sharp." He says and winks at me. I smile and peck his cheek.

"Okay hun." I say as I climb out of the comfy leather seat. I start walking towards the school as I hear Justin pull away. I make my way through the door and up the stairs to my first class; Chemistry. Ugh.


*RING,RING,RING,RING* The last bells screech indicating school was over. I was glad it was Friday because I usually spend the weekend with Justin. As I walk out the doors I hear my name being called. I turn arou d and I regret it immediately.






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