Our Life

Christina is a troubled 18 year old. Can her boyfriend , the famous Justin Bieber , help her through these times? Let's find out...


2. First Chapter

I was on my way to school when a familiar blue mustang pulls up next to the curb.


"Hey baby! Hop in, i'll drive you to school." My gorgeous boyfriend says.


So I'm Johanna if you haven't figured that out yet. I'm dating the famous Justin Bieber and at times it can be hard.


I'm not sure why he was headed down this street seeing that he's homeschooled and I go to a crappy public school with horrible food.


"Hey babe!" I say hopping in the passengers seat. "Why are you going down this road? Don't you have class in 20 minutes?" I babble on about how education is important and how he should take it more seriously. He chuckles and gives me that award winning smile. I instantly shut up and lean over to him. He leans in too and soon we're making out for 10 minutes straight before he car behinds us honks making us jump. We burst into a laughing fit and he continues down the smooth road.


Okay so I decided to give a little teaser. Once I reach 10 likes I'll finish the chapter and more. Until then, read my other story ''His''. Thanks! Love ya'll <3

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