End Up Here


2. Chapter 2

Luke's POV

Once me and the lads came to school, we were again bombarded with fans. The guys think tht its kinda annoying but I could care less! Im loving this attention! All the girls were fawning over us and i was loving it. A couple of girls were asking for autographs and I gladly gave them some. Micheal did the same but his eyes were on someone else. I looked over where he was looking and saw a raven hair girl with red highlights and wearing a leather jacket with ripped jeans. I smirked and thought to myself. She's one of those type of girls. The type tht doesnt give a shit about a guy's appearance and doesnt care if they're popular or not. I looked at Micheal and he smiled. Once the crowd left, Micheal walked over to the girl and tried to flirt but he ended up getting slapped.

Carter's POV

Once I turned around to get o class, I felt a hand grab my shoulder. The person turned me around and it turned out to be Micheal Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer. I looked at him with a confused look and he grinned. "Hey let's play Titanic. You be iceberg and I'll go down", he flirted. (A/N: If you saw the video, you would know this xD) I opened my mouth in shocked and the next thing I knew I smacked his face. His cheek was red with a hand print and everyone gasped. I was so shocked that i jus did that. "What type of pick up line is that, Clifford", i snarled. He rubbed his cheek and smiled. "It was a pretty darn good one, princess", he said. I wanted to punch this guy so hard. I was about to raise my fist until Jeff came over and came in between us. "I would appreciate it if you didn't flirt with my twin, Micheal", snapped Jeff. Micheal backed away and said, "I'll see you later, Princess". Jeff turned to me and ruffled my hair. I smiled and he smiled back. But then a boy with blonde hair and lip piercings came over. "Sorry about Micheal. He's a ladies man", he apologized. I was shocked. I knew this person. He was in my classes. His name was Luke Hemmings. He was also apart of 5 Seconds of Summer. Luke slowly reached my hand and kisses my hand. I was so creeped out and pulled my hand away. Luke smiled and winked at me. This made my cheeks flush.

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