Once in a Lifetime

Things tend to be a bit...unusual for Allison Walker, especially since she has joined Destiny High. Usually, her life is filled with the simplest of tasks and boring days.

Well it WAS, now Destiny High has affected Allison greatly, both good and bad.

From meeting new people to going to parties to dealing with bullies and to even experiencing romance, Allison's life is a bit more exciting in Destiny High.

Though her life is a simple high school romance, slice of life story ; she has only one choice and one decision.

One that only comes once in a lifetime


1. Chapter 1

          Allison tugs the sleeves of her grey sweater down more as she steps wearily into the school doors. Typically Allison isn't a shy person, but when she meets new people or people of high honor - she'll become quite the sheep.

          A red wave of flush spreads across Allison's pale cheeks and she inhales sharply with clenched teeth. Memories start to flood back of her shy behavior she always hated, well it wasn't her fault she never liked crowds or hanging out with other! Even as a child she never liked socializing with people.

          Her grip on her backpack strap tightens as she makes her way through the halls for the assembly the school has to attend. As for the school in general, Allison already feels queasy because of the size. It's like a labyrinth, but it's what's expected from a prestigious academy such as Destiny High.

          As she walks inside, she bumps into a girl a few inches sorter than her with chocolate brown, wavy hair. "S-Sorry." Allison apologizes with a little stutter. The girl turns to face her with a bright grin.

          The girl has a nice naturally tanned complexion with wavy brown hair and hazel eyes to compliment her appearance. Her outfit also seems to accommodate well for her size, she isn't the skinniest girl nor is she the chubbiest. She dons a t-shirt with Magcon on it and a black undershirt that peaks from the bottom and top of the shirt slightly, simple blue tights-like jeans, and black Vans.

          "It's okay, no harm done right?" The girl chuckles with a goofy smile, Allison smiles sheepishly back and rubs her arm awkwardly.

          "Well, since I haven't seen you around before you must be new!" The girl grins even brighter than before. She extends out her arm and holds it out in front of Allison.

          "I'm Alex Castillo, short for Alexandra." Allison hesitantly takes Alex's hand and shakes it, though it is shaky instead of firmly.

          "Allison Walker..." The shy new girl replies with a soft smile. Alex grabs her wrist and points towards the direction of another girl much shorter than herself, probably about a head shorter.

          "Why don't you sit next to my friend and me for the assembly?" Allison nods and follows, or rather gets dragged by, Alex towards the girl. When they reach the area, Allison begins inspecting her.

          The girl is Asian with light skin that has been brought down to a slight tan. Her long espresso brown hair reaches to her abdomen, but has been shorten slightly by a side braid she currently dons. Her medium sized chocolate brown eyes sparkle with kindness and joy.

          "Hi there! You must be the new girl. I'm Rose Crockett, it's short for Rosanne." Rose extends out her hand and introduces herself much like Alex just did. Allison takes her hand and shakes it a bit more firmly than she did with Alex's greeting.

          "I'm Allison Walker." Allison smiles shyly. Alex pats the empty spot between her and Rose and Allison sits between the two newly accommodated acquaintances. The lights dim within the surprisingly large auditorium and the spotlight focuses on a man in the center with graying hairs.

          "Hello there students. I'm the principle of this academy. My name is Principle Killim for those of you who are new." The principle grins brightly, showing off his pearly white teeth. The students began to clap and Allison claps awkwardly as well, not sure of what to do.

          "As some of you may know, this year WILL be different from many others. Both good and bad." He emphasizes the word 'will' and stares at the students with a hard expression. Allison's interest begins to peak as she leans forward in her seat, wanting to hear more on the new changes within the school.

          "Unfortunately, we will not be having the annual Fall Festival or the Harvest Feast this year. Although!" He adds quickly once he hears the groans from children. "We will be having a Halloween party and a Thanksgiving Dinner with family and friends alike to make up for it." Cheers and hoots from excited children echo throughout the auditorium.

          Allison, too, is excited and she can't wait to experience the new events being taken place at school. Alex nudges Allison with her elbow and points towards a person a few seats forward. From behind, it is seen she has long dirty blonde hair that is forcibly created to be wavy - unlike Alex's naturally wavy hair.

          "That girl has been giving you dirty looks the whole time." Rose states blandly with her lips pursed together. Allison sighs and brings her knees to her chest while still sitting in her seat.

          "Ugh, I haven't even been here a full thirty minutes and a girl is ALREADY glaring at me." Allison complains quietly and begins to sound out Mr. Killim, now focusing on the two girls beside her.

          "Just don't mind her, she's just the short snobby slut of our class." Alex clenches her teeth and makes a fist pressed against her thigh. Allison begins to stare at the blonde and frowns.

          "She actually dated, like, ten guys in two weeks. It's insane!" Rose exclaims, Allison's eyes widen as she stares at Rose unbelievingly.

          "I-I'm sure she's not like that..." Allison mumbles, trying to lift the situation and not be persuaded to make assumptions about people by gossip on the first day. Alex and Rose both sigh in unison and slump back in their seats.

          "We only hope..." They sync together with complete boredom in their tones. Suddenly, Mr. Killim mentions something about a prom for sophomore's, juniors, and seniors. The three girls sit up in their chairs and instantly soak in all the information needed.

          "My boss and I agreed that it was unfair to the sophomore's since they are usually one of the classes that gets pressured the most and they need a little relaxation. As for the freshmen, I apologize since you will not be able to attend. Though, I promise you will next year."

          Then the assembly continues for an exceedingly long and boring time. Once everyone exits, Rose and Alex link arms with Allison. "So~ What period do you have first?" Rose questions with a creepy grin.

          Allison ponders the thought for a moment and taps her chin. "I think Math." Both girls groan and sulk.

          "We don't have class with you for this period then." Allison frowns and fiddles with her thumbs. 'Great, just another problem I need. I won't know anyone and it'll be totally awkward for me. Gosh, when I actually start showing my TRUE colors. That'll be complete hell, cursing like no one's business and being SUPER loud.' Allison shakes at the thought, but brushes it off.

          Allison waves good-bye to her friends and turns the corner to enter the class. The teacher is already standing at the podium and she gives a warm smile to Allison. Allison waves and looks around to find a spot for her to sit before the class starts.

          "Actually, Miss Walker. May you stay up here so you can introduce yourself?" Allison nods politely and watches as students fill the class. Eyes begin to wander over her, some sending glares and some sending warm smiles. Then there were the occasionally disgusted glances and flirtatious grins with a following wink, obviously the guys were trying to get a girl - which is something they probably won't achieve or reel Allison in.

          Though, one boy who is slightly chubbier than others gives her an extremely kind smile and she can tell he loves Disney by his shirt and the buttons on his backpack. He has black hair that's naturally and slightly swished upwards. His brown eyes show kindness which makes Allison smile softly towards him. She already has an interest in the Disnerd.

          "Alright students! This is Miss Allison Walker, she'll be the only new student in your grade for the year. I expect yourselves to behave and be courteous to her." Allison inspects some students roll their eyes and continue chewing gum or whatever. The teacher, who Allison found out was named Miss Balden from the board, directs her to sit next to Karina.

           Allison walks over to the girl with the hipster-like glasses on with a sketch pad pulled out. "Hi there." Allison greets politely. The chubby dark-skinned Asian glances over at her and brushes a few strands of her messy black hair away from her face.

           "Yo' the name's Karina Grayson. Nice to meet you Ali." Allison chuckles awkwardly at the childish nickname her parents only calls her. Miss Balden begins the day by giving us an assignment to do to get to know one another.

            She explains the instructions which begins by solving a math problem she hands out. Say if the whole number answer is 28, you have to find someone else with a 28 and the cycle continues with new problems until math is over.

          Allison stares at the paper Miss Balden hands and her and solves the word-problem with ease. In the end, she gets 10 and waits patiently until everyone finishes. Then, Miss Balden signals everyone to go find their partner.

          "Are you a 12?" A girl with curly black hair questions. Allison shakes her head and goes around to find a person with 10. She bumps into the Disnerd from earlier and asks him the simple phrase.

          "Are you a 10?" They both question in unison, a smile creeps onto their faces and they both chuckle. Allison extends her hand out and smiles.

          "Nice to meet you. As you know I'm Allison."

          "I'm Aiden Marquez."

          Allison stares at Aiden's Flounder shirt and smiles. "I love your Flounder shirt." She compliments. Aiden stares at her Jack Skellington sweater and grins.

          "I like your Jack sweater." Allison looks down at it, not realizing she is wearing it. She chuckles lightly and grins. "Thanks." She responds politely. For the first time in a while, Allison actually started the conversation and engaged into it.

          Miss Balden tells everyone to get to know one another better and talk a bit before moving on to the next question. Aiden and Allison quickly begin talking about Disney, animals, and personal things too. Eventually, it got down to drama and a sprinkle of gossip.

          "Honestly, I wouldn't trust Alex too much if I were you." Allison quirks a brow at Aiden's comment and questions his reasoning for such. Alex rubs the back of his neck and sighs.

          "It's because she a lying, skank-a-bite, cheating bitch." Aiden covers his mouth at the rare curse word. Allison shakes her head and removes his hand.

          "I know you probably don't like cursing, but if it's how you want to express her. It's fine with me. I curse ALL the time." They both chuckle at Allison's comment and the beeper from Miss Balden's phone alarms.

          "Two minute warning!" She shouts. Aiden's gaze reverts back to Allison's and their brown eyes meet. Aiden hesitats to continue his story, but proceeds anyway. He feels a sibling and friendly aura coming from Allison and he seems to trust her.

           "Well, one time we dated and as always she cheated on me with Vincent Herman who you'll probably meet later. She lied about being 'famous' and liking a few girls as friends and guys as more than that. Alex is not a the best person, she always yells at me and pushes me away when I try to be nice to her." Allison frowns at his explanation and bits the inside of her cheek.

          "She seems like a total as...douche bag. Douche bag." Allison slowly corrected and prevented herself from cursing. Aiden sighs and runs a hand through his obsidian hair.

"She is. Hang out with her if you like, but if she talks bad about me...can you let me know?" Aiden pleads, though not completely begging. Allison nods and smiles.

"Sure! Anything for a friend right?" Allison grins. Aiden tests out the word 'friend' by mouthing the word with the brightest eyes and kindest smile.

"Yeah, anything for a friend I guess. So, you wanna hang out during free period?" Aiden suggests with a curt smile. Allison nods and Miss Balden signals everyone to switch again.

'This week is going to be pretty interesting. I like it.' Allison thinks to herself with a grin visible on her face. She receives another paper and solves the problem. The cycle continues for about 40 minutes and Allison gets tired of it. Most people she got either despised her since she walked through that door, people who she didn't really like because they ignored her, and so forth.

Aiden is really the only person who she seems to trust so far. Perhaps having a friend is just perfect for Allison's lonely and quiet persona.

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