The Murder House. (AHS Fanfict)

Alyssa is a 16 year old girl. What will happen when she moves into the famous Murder House? Find out here.

This fan fiction is based off of the show American Horror Story, but is in no way trying to copywrite the story. All rights go to the owner. I'm just writing for fun.(:


1. Chapter 1

Moving sucks ass! I hate it so much. And why are we moving you may ask? Because my father is a selfish cheating bastard that only cares about himself.

Now I don't really understand why my parents think moving will solve anything but I guess they do and that's just that. 

My father is what you could consider a counselor. He helps people with extreme cases of basically craziness. We have recently just bought a house, a huge house I might add. And get this we got it for really cheap because.... People died here in this very house. Crazy huh? 

I think it's actually pretty cool I mean sure I'll get made fun of at my new school but who cares what those bitches think. Tomorrow is my first day and I am so excited... Not -.- 

I should probably introduce myself now. My name is Alyssa and I'm 16 years old. I smoke, I cut, I'm just flat out messed up but your opinion doesn't matter to me, your reading my story so just get over it.

"Honey come get your dinner." My dad called

"Coming." Yay a pleasant family meal awaits me..

I got to the kitchen and saw an elderly lady in a maid uniform. My dad kept giving her really strange looks, but I don't really care, he can seduce the lettuce and I won't give one ounce of a shit.

My mother explained that the lady was our maid and she introduced me to her. Long story short, we had crapy dinner, in our crapy house, with my crapy dysfunctional family.

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