The Exchange Student

Tyler, or Ty, Richards is not your average girl. She's been battling a lot of personal problems and she has no real friends. Until Luke shows up. He's the new exchange student- and Ty's neighbor. He's hot, cocky, and a total jerk on the outside. Luke hears a disturbing sound coming from Ty's house, so he decides to investigate. What he discovers is shocks him into reality and their relationship will never be the same again. But maybe that's a good thing.


1. tragic beginnings

Home? What is home? There is no such thing as home. There's no such thing as family. A father who beats his little girl, his first child, a mother who simply watches with the sickest, blankest expression on her cold face. And a little baby girl hiding under the table, crying because she knows that daddy is coming for her next. She knows that daddy had too much "adult juice" again and she is going to hear the screams tonight. The screams coming from mommy's room, and sissy. Sissy will tell her to hide, and daddy will come bursting in. She could see it all, everything from her tight spot in the toy chest. The way he hit her, the way he pushed her to the wall, the way he touched her. The only sound she manages is a small cry, which daddy hears. He walks towards the toy chest as sissy tries to stop him. He opens it, and with an evil grin, he pulls his baby girl out of the chest by her blonde curls. Sissy screams at the top of her lounges, and daddy turns around and hits her. Blood. A lot of blood. Then daddy touches that little angle like he did the other, and he does things. Terrible things. Too much pain, way too much pain. The last thing that little girl remembers about that night, is seeing her sissy mouth the words "I'm sorry" as blue and red lights flash outside the window.

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