The Exchange Student

Tyler, or Ty, Richards is not your average girl. She's been battling a lot of personal problems and she has no real friends. Until Luke shows up. He's the new exchange student- and Ty's neighbor. He's hot, cocky, and a total jerk on the outside. Luke hears a disturbing sound coming from Ty's house, so he decides to investigate. What he discovers is shocks him into reality and their relationship will never be the same again. But maybe that's a good thing.


4. The boy who cared

(Ty's POV)


I close the door behind me and slump down in a chair thinking about whatever the hell just happened.

What the hell?

No seriously, what the actual hell?

So first I get out bitched by my friend's slutty girlfriend, then I think I see my shit bag rapist of a dad who should be in jail, and now I have a tall hot blonde Australian neighbor who is simultaneously a giant dork. Am I in a fucking fanfic or something?!


Did I see my shit bag rapist of a dad who should be in jail?

But wait again...

Tall hot blonde Australian neighbor who is simultaneously a giant dork.

Being out bitched by my friend's slutty girlfriend happens all the time so whatever.

But seeing my dad? Hot neighbor? You know this is looking like some kind of movie where the guy falls in love with the girl and will stop at nothing to protect her from her deranged father.

No Tyler snap out of it, he's just a new neighbor who was being overly friendly and will probably turn out to be some dick.

And that couldn't have been my dad, he's locked up. It must have just been a pigment of my imagination

I keep telling myself this while a grab an apple and run upstairs to my room.


(Luke's POV)


Ok, wow. I think I might stay in America forever if she's my neighbor.

Shit no, I came on too strong. Damnit Lucas why did you have to say the thing about the knees? That was just crossing the line. And why did I tell her I'd see her tonight? I don't have anything planned. C'mon man think before you speak.

"Luke are you even listening?"

"Wha- What? Sorry what'd you say?" I slightly mumble, I didn't even realize anyone was talking to me.

"Your father and I were talking about bringing the boys over, letting them live with us for a while. We thought it would make this whole thing a lot easier for you." Mum says, smiling sweetly at me. God bless this woman, honestly.

"Yeah, sure. That's fine." Is my reply, I'm still a little distracted about Tyler.

"Fine? We thought you'd be a little more excited than that." Dad questions, probably wondering what the hell could be wrong with me.

"Sorry. I just have a lot on my mind right now." I say back, getting off the couch Dad and I just brought.

Mum and Dad look at each other, smile and look back at me.

"Is it that girl?" Mum teases.

"Pfft I don't know what girl you're talking about. I'll just be up in my room organizing some stuff." I start walking towards the stairs, and me being me, I run into the wall.

"Shit" I mumble while my childish parents snicker at me. Nice job at a smooth getaway Hemmings. Nice job.


(Ty's POV)


Once I get to my room I throw my bag somewhere, not really paying attention as to where it lands. Taking a bite of my apple, I press play on my radio and start jamming out to Fall Out Boy, because who doesn't like FOB. I look out my window from the second floor and see a figure standing in the trees. I step forward and take a closer look. From what I can tell it's a man, all his features are a little blurred accept the eyes. The eyes have so much anger and hate, and his stare is boring into me.

I gasp and take a step back, dropping the apple and almost falling over my bag. I catch myself, and when I look back out the window, the man is gone. Almost as if he was never there. I keep trying to tell myself it was just my imagination, but all of the memories and pain keep coming back. The tears start falling and no matter how much I try to convince myself that I'm alright and that he can't hurt me, the more I know I'm lying. Letting myself fall onto my bed, I curl up and just cry. There's no point in stopping myself, I've bottled up all of my agony for years, I deserve this cry, I deserve to feel pain after so many years of being numb.


(Meanwhile at Luke's house)


Luke is sitting in his room, where he is supposed to be organizing his belongings. But he can't, instead he sits on the corner of his bed and thinks about her. He can't stop thinking about her. Before it was just her image sense of humor that he liked, but he continues thinking over their encounter, the way she was running and the look of complete terror in her eyes. He knows there is more to this girl. Luke also remembers seeing something else in her eyes. Loneliness. She was empty inside. He didn't know how he could tell, but he just could.

Repeating this image in his mind, he stands up frustrated. He looks out the window at her house, and he can see her room. The window is open, but he sees nothing but a small lump on the bed.

"What the-" He starts to say, but then he sees it move. It begins shaking and rocking back and forth. That's when Luke sees that the lump isn't just a lump, it is her. What is she doing? His confused face drops when he realizes that she's crying. She is crying, not just a normal cry, but a cry of pain and agony.

Without thinking, Luke turns away from the window and quickly makes his way downstairs.

"Where are you headed sweety?" His mum, Liz, asks from the kitchen.

"I'm going to the neighbors house." He replies, looking at his caring mother and smiling.

"Okay hun, make sure to use protection." She smiles calmly at her son.

"Mum no that's not- never mind." Luke says embarrassed while rushing out the door.


(Ty's POV)


At this point I have accepted the pain, it just needs to happen. But that doesn't make it any easier, any less lonely. I can't turn to my mom, she has her own problems, plus I'd just be a burden because she doesn't care anyway. I wish I had someone there for me, someone I could turn to. I would take anyone. I played with the idea that maybe that someone could be Luke, the new guy. But no, he is way out of my league. He could get any girl he wants probably- DING DONG

Now? Really? This is such a bad time. I climb out of bed and don't even bother looking in the mirror.

It's probably just mom, she must've forgotten her keys again. There is no Prince Charming waiting at the door to comfort me and ease the pain.

I open the door and whoopity doo I was wrong. Prince Charming is standing right here in front of me. All 7 feet 13 inches of him.

"Yes?" I ask, suddenly getting really self conscious.

He stays silent and just stares at me with pitiful eyes.

"Do you need to borrow some sugar or something? All you have to do is ask." I say sarcastically, earning a small grin from Luke.

"Can I come in?" Is all he says.

"Um... Why?" I question him, while squinting my eyes.

"Because I told you I'd see you tonight." He says, but not in a sarcastic or goofy way like I was expecting. He says it in almost a caring way. I'm not very used to that.

"You did say that," I chuckle and wipe away a drying tear "but I don't know Luke. I'm not really in the mood to have people over."

"I'm not here for you to entertain me Tyler," he takes a step forward and wipes another tear from my cheek "I'm here for you."

His smile is weird, it is full of pity, but his bright blue eyes keep telling me that he wants to help. Why does he want to help me? No one ever wants to help me. I can help myself. Not meaning to, I start crying again.

Without hesitation, Luke wraps his arms around my waste. I fall into his grasp and cry into his chest . I can hear his heart beating, and I hold onto him tighter just to make sure this moment is real and that he won't somehow float away.

I didn't ask for this life. I have been strong for every waking moment that I have lived, so why am I breaking down now? I don't know what real comfort feels like, mom never did anything, I don't have any close friends, all of my psychiatrists and counselors were all about business. Why is my first real taste of comfort coming from some random boy I ran into today?

For now I'll take what I'm given because it's all I want at this moment. He is all I want at this moment.

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