The Exchange Student

Tyler, or Ty, Richards is not your average girl. She's been battling a lot of personal problems and she has no real friends. Until Luke shows up. He's the new exchange student- and Ty's neighbor. He's hot, cocky, and a total jerk on the outside. Luke hears a disturbing sound coming from Ty's house, so he decides to investigate. What he discovers is shocks him into reality and their relationship will never be the same again. But maybe that's a good thing.


5. Another author's note I'm sorry

Hello again my lovelies.

So I just wanna start with this: I am an asshole. I am a total and complete asshole. I know I haven't updated in months, but that is my mistake. I understand if you hate me and you probably don't want to read the exchange student anymore, but I don't blame any of you. Whenever I find a good story but the author never updates, it makes me mad. So trust me I understand and I completely apologize. But for the record, my phone (which is where I used to update from) was stolen and my laptop stopped working after I published the last author's note. I got a new phone but every time I would try to publish a chapter it wouldn't work, and I just got the laptop fixed a week or two ago when school started, so I've been really busy. I was constantly checking my comments and stuff, and I love to see that you guys are eager for new chapters, but I was never able to post anything. So thanks to everyone who was patient enough to wait, and I am really sorry for being a total dick bag. But it is great to see that I have a lot of people liking my story, and I hope I can be better with this updating thing. I can't promise though I'm sorry. I don't get much free time but I'll update when I can. I'm so so sorry and thank you again for putting up with me.



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