Black Dahlia

Everything was perfect....and then she left.


4. The Truth

Meanwhile, Dawn was mentally preparing herself as well, but for a different reason. When she had called Dahlia earlier she hadn't exactly been lying, she was in fact alone and heartbroken, but the reason she was heartbroken hadn't been because someone broke it. She was heartbroken because she couldn't express how much she was in love with someone, but now, she was finally ready. Dawn loved Dahlia. She had tried to hint at it, and at times felt like Dahlia was hinting at it too, but no words were exchanged about it. ”This is the day”, she shrilled. Dawn finally felt ready to express her feelings and hopefully start a relationship with her best friend, who also happened to be the love of her life. No words could express how much Dawn cared for Dahlia. Countless times she wanted to tell her how much she cared, but she was terrified she would only scare her away. She had lost many people in the past, and she wasn't about to lose Dahlia as well. For the last week she had played out all the scenarios of where Dahlia would reject her, and had a plan for every single one, but all the mental preparation in the world couldn't protect her from the words that Dahlia was about scream as she entered Dawn’s home.

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