Black Dahlia

Everything was perfect....and then she left.


6. Run child, run

Dawn stood there, blankly staring at her closed wooden door, for what seemed like an eternity; when in fact it had only been five minutes. And in that moment Dawn realized she had just lost the one person she thought she would never lose. She was so much more than broken. She was destroyed, numb, dead inside. Overwhelming feelings of self hate and depression swept over her. It was worse than anything she had ever felt before, but oddly enough it didn't make her want to mutilate herself. It was as if she was so broken inside that no more harm could be done, she had lost the will to move, to breathe. All she ever wanted, all that made her happy, just walked away, and the only person to blame was herself. She didn't know what to do, she couldn't make Dahlia stay. So she just ran, not even taking the time to get dressed or put on shoes. All her life she ran from her problems, and that day was no exception. She didn't care where she ended up, whether it was heaven or hell, it didn't matter. Her love was gone. After running along the street for 10 minutes she darted towards the woods across her suburban neighborhood. Each sharp pain caused by rocks and twigs digging into her sensitive bare feet only fueled her need to keep running. To run as far away as she could from the one that stole her heart, and then crushed it.

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