Black Dahlia

Everything was perfect....and then she left.


2. Dawn

School had always been a great waste of time to Dawn, but highschool, highschool was different. Being forced to go to a catholic school in Utah where every student you met was a close minded drama queen made highschool Dawn’s worst nightmare. She was catholic herself, but the students there were an entirely different breed of catholics, they were mean and cruel. Anyone who dared be different was instantly attacked with harsh words. Whenever they had even the slightest glimpse of Dawn’s pastel  green hair and black band clothing, which stuck out like a sore thumb compared to everyone else, their true colors would show. Dawn wasn't even 15 yet and she had been through more than any child her age should ever go through. She had been beaten by her friends, touched by perverted boys, and her only escape from it all was self harming, drawing, and listening to music. She had turned to self harming during the end of her seventh grade year, the first time her life became consumed by depression. The darkness inside her 5’ 5” athletic body only showed through her dark clothing, snake bites, and secret tattoo.  Behind her cocky grin and smug attitude was a girl who would give everything away, just to be happy and accepted. The only things that Dawn ever truly felt accepted by was her music, artwork, and her best friend Dahlia. No matter how many shirts got soaked from the burning tears that would stream out of Dawn’s puffy eyes, Dahlia was always there; holding her late at night when the nightmares got worse; in a bathroom stall, doing breathing exercises with her to calm the anxiety that coursed through Dawn’s veins.

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