Black Dahlia

Everything was perfect....and then she left.


3. Dahlia

For three years Dahlia stayed by her side. Three whole years of seeing Dawn obsess and cry over people, seeing her get her heart broken by fools that had no idea how jealous Dahlia was of them. Unknown to Dawn, Dahlia was in love with her, she had been ever since she met her back in seventh grade. She envied the people that broke Dawn’s heart because they had no idea how lucky they were that she gave them her heart. Over the past year Dahlia planned out how she would express those feeling to her, but with no avail. The heartache had become too much. Even when Dahlia would subtly hint about how she felt, Dawn just hadn't seemed to get it. She had, had enough of it, each day that passed her love turned to hatred. Her cold heart came from the thought of Dawn not loving her back, even though she was the who had always been there for her. “How can she expect me to stay by her side. Its been three years and not once has she told me she's thankful for me or that she loves me. I know she does, I can see the way she gawks at me. Why can't she just accept that she’s bi or gay and tell me the truth already,” Dahlia huffed into the brisk winter air as she walked to Dawn’s place to confront her. An hour ago she was curled up in her bed, warm and content; but once she had gotten the call from Dawn, begging her to come over because she was all alone at her house and heartbroken, she knew she had no choice but to leave the warmth of her home to comfort her. “I can't be her friend anymore. All her problems only weigh me down,” she groaned to herself, “Does she even care enough to stop and think about whether or not I want to be doing this? It doesn’t matter, I’m done. It’s clear that she doesn't want me, and even if she did, it still wouldn't matter.” Dahlia started to mope as she thought about what Dawn might do to herself once she gets the news. “It’s none of my business what she does, and it won't be my fault either. I’m not the one making her do anything,” she mumbled uncertainly.

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