Black Dahlia

Everything was perfect....and then she left.


5. </3

“I love you! I gave you every part of me! And for what? To be beside you as you drool over my cousin or lab partner! No. I have had enough! I know this will sound cliche but its not you, its me. I can't stop loving you and I don't think I ever will, I just can't deal with heartbreak again, and God knows with us that's inevitable. I can't handle this anymore. I hope you understand.” Automatically Dawn’s mouth dropped open, she couldn't believe the words that she had just heard.

    She didn't understand, she couldn't understand. If Dahlia would have said something she would have changed her ways in a heart beat. Any quality she had that bothered Dahlia would be gone the moment she discussed how much she hated it. She would have changed every part of her if that meant keeping her love by her side. “Im so sorry I messed this up, I can't explain to you how much I wish I could fix this and be your everything. I love you Dahlia,” she hoarsely exclaimed while fighting back tears. “I want you to be happy, and if this is what it takes to make you happy, then consider it done,” she managed to choke out as the tears unwillingly started to seep out.

    “Im sorry but we both need to move on,” Dahlia sighed, her face full of sympathy,” Please understand.” And with that, Dahlia was gone. Not even ten minutes had passed of her being inside Dawn’s home. She just left, leaving a hollowed out shell of a girl she used to call her friend.

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