This story includes 5 Seconds Of Summer, One Direction, and Austin Mahone


3. Chapter Two

Zoey's POV

" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" I screamed into the phone once Nicole had picked up. " Whoa what's got you so excited. Is 5 Seconds Of Summer in your house?" Okay yes I absolutely love 5 Seconds Of Summer. Don't judge. " No, but I just posted a new video on youtube. Look in the comments umm fourth one down I think." " Umm... let's see LizzieLovesPizza, 1Dforever, Directionerforever, Simon Cowell.......Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" " I know right." " Simon Cowell commented on your video this could be huge." " What should I do?" " Well, comment back to him saying where to meet up." I held my phone with my shoulder and commented back.

Sure that sounds great. Where do you want to meet up at @Simon Cowell. - Zoey

" There I just commented back to him. Now all we do is wait." Right when Nicole was about to speak my computer beeped signifying that I had a comment.

@Zoey why don't you give me your twitter information and we could direct message about this. - Simon Cowell

@Simon Cowell ok my name on it, is Zoey Hemmings. - Zoey

 " I'm still on the phone you know." Nicole said. " Oh, right sorry." " So, anyway... Ugh what mom?!" Nicole shouted on the other side of the phone. " I'll call you back." Nicole said after a minute of arguing with her mom. " Ok, bye girlie." " Bye." I hung up the phone and then went to twitter on my computer. I saw I had a notification and went and clicked on it and saw a direct message from Simon Cowell.

What city do you live in? - Simon Cowell

I live in San Francisco, California. - Zoey Hemmings

Ok well why don't we meet at a local café there. - Simon Cowell

Ok well there's this one called Only In San Fran, we could meet there. - Zoey Hemmings

Ok sounds good. Meet you there tomorrow? - Simon Cowell

Yeah tomorrow is good, see you then. - Zoey Hemmings

By the time I was done discussing the things with Simon it was already 10:00, so I got into my pajamas and went to sleep.


I woke up with a jolt when my computer beeped. Man, I really need to turn the volume down on that. I walked up noticing that it was 11:00 in the morning. I clicked open my twitter seeing I had a direct message from Simon again. I opened it up and it said.

I'll meet you at the café at 12:00. Sound good? - Simon Cowell

Yeah that's good see you there. - Zoey Hemmings

Well looks like I'm meeting Simon Cowell in an hour. Better look presentable.

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