Wake Me Up // A L.T FanFic

Laney Stevens lost all hope of finding some to love after her boyfriend dumped her for not being pretty enough.Louis Tomlinson lost his hopes because of management making him date girls that weren't his type.The two meet and try to help each other find love for one another.But it all back fires and Louis realizes that Laney is the girl he's been waiting for all this time.The thing is he doesn't know how to tell her so he tells her in the best way he knows how,A song.


1. Coffee

Monday September 10th , 2014

Louis' P.O.V

I was in the Range Rover along with the rest of the boys along with the driver and Paul. We were heading to Madison Square Garden to perform, it's the second time we were playing here but this time it's for our Where We Are Tour."Lou,do you think we can go exploring New York tomorrow?" Harry asked looking up at me from his phone.

He was asking me because I would have to drive considering it was my turn. "Yeah sounds good."I replied and looked out the window."I want to see the side streets and the colleges. It would be nice to imagine what my life would be like if I wasn't famous and I lived here." Niall smiled as he thought about what he just said. That guy is always imagining and day dreaming,it's what makes him seem younger than the rest of us.

"Yeah that would be cool."Liam smiled. "It may be your day off but that doesn't mean you can stay out late,You five Hooligans have an interview at 10 am."Paul informed us sternly."We'll be ready don't worry." "You better be." He turned around and started a conversation of some sort with the driver.

"That was a good show,what do you think Lou?" Liam asked as we collapsed on the couch in our dressing room. The concert turned out like it did most times , always the same songs the same stadiums but always different people. That's what liked about it , getting to see new faces enjoying our music. "Yeah it was great as usual." I replied.

Paul eventually drove us back to our hotel, the lights of the city blurred my eye sight as we drove. I sort of liked it but hated it at the same time considering my ears were ringing from the fans who screamed. I hate that they scream really loud but I love them, they are all my girlfriends.

I followed Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam,and Paul to where are rooms were, of course I had to share with Zayn.Since the Larry Stylinson accusations, management makes Harry and I stay away from each other as much as possible. People still think we are in love and are actually a couple it's funny cause in reality we have a bromance.

"Night everyone." I said smiling then Zayn and I went into our room.The lights were dimmed and the curtains were open with the bright lights gleaming in. "I'm gonna change."Zayn mumbled as he grabbed an article of clothing, he then headed into the bathroom. I sighed, I'm extremely tired from running and jumping around on stage. Once I changed into a pair of Pyjama pants I laid in one of the beds.

Laney's P.O.V

"Give a little time to me or burn this out, we'll play hide and seek to turn this around. All I want is the taste that your lips allow."I sang quietly to myself as I picked out my outfit for today. Once I found a pair of maroon coloured leggings and a oversized cardigan sweater. Then I adjusted my dirty blonde hair into a side braid. My reflection in the mirror was pale, considering the starting of autumn was upon me. After I examined my light makeup , I shoved my feet into my brown boots.

"Ting!" My phone made a noise to notify me that I had a text message.

Hey Laney, How are you? I have something to tell you. Answer me as soon as you can -Carter

Carter hasn't texted me in a few days, I wonder how he is? Memories of the last time we were together flooded my mind. How he smiled,his laugh,his kisses,the way he spoke. All of it.

Hello, I'm okay. What is it you want to talk about? -Laney

I'll call you , hold on.-Carter

"Hello?" He called out. "Hey" I wondered about what he was going to tell me. I just hope it's nothing bad. "So Listen , I Uh.....Want to Um,break up with you." My heart dropped and I automatically started thinking about what I had done to make him think this. "What?....Why?" I asked. He sighed."Laney, it's nothing you did it's just that your not pretty enough for me." I can't believe he just said I'm not pretty.He used to spend ten minutes a day explaining to me how beautiful I was, I'm guessing now that it was all a lie.

"Laney?" His voice called out my name. "Y-yeah?" I stuttered out. "I'm sorry." Tears were now flowing down my face. "No I'm sorry."I whispered and hung up the phone.

I wiped my tears quickly before I reapplied makeup so I could go grab a coffee. Once I was satisfied with my appearance I left my apartment and headed down the busy street. It was chilly but warm at the same time, which I couldn't really understand.

Starbucks. The home of most teenage girls pretending to be "cool", to me it's a place to think. I think it's quiet most times, but when there's lots of 15 year old girls it can get loud. I stepped inside the building and a strong smell of coffee went up my nose.

"Hey what can I get you?"The tall brunette asked with a smile. "Um can I have a Grande Coffee?" He smiled and replied with "Sure thing, name?" "Laney." I looked through my wallet and pulled out a ten dollar bill. "That's $6.87." I handed him the money then he placed the change in my hand.

Once I took a seat by the window I felt instantly relaxed. About fifteen minutes later I got up then left and headed down the sidewalk.

Louis' P.O.V

"Zayn, this is gonna be great! I can't wait to explore the campus!"Niall exclaimed as he jumped excitedly. He and Zayn Were going to visit the nearest college, just to see what it would be like to be normal and live in New York. I jogged to catch up to Liam who was walking alone at his own pace. "Hey Liam, wanna hang with me?" I asked.

I really needed a friend right now to listen to me and He's the perfect listener. "Alright. Lou is there something on your mind, you seem worried or upset." "Yeah there is actually.Well I've been thinking and I've come to a conclusion,I will never have another girlfriend."I said.

"Lou you can't think like that, you're bound to get a girlfriend eventually." Yeah eventually, does he know who he's talking about? I'm Louis Tomlinson the guy who was forced into to dating a model who wasn't even pretty, the guy who got kicked off the Rovers football team,the guy who is insecure about his voice, the guy who has trouble explaining his feelings.

"Yeah well you keep thinking that."I mumbled. Soon we were passing a Starbucks and for once I actually didn't want to go in there and grab a coffee.

"Louis, do you want to go to the Statue of Liberty?" Liam spoke up. I nodded my head before I looked around me. Tall buildings, busy cars, people walking fast and then there was us. 2/5 of One Direction exploring the busy streets of New York.

Liam had his phone out trying to Google the directions to the Statue of Liberty."Damn it! My phone died!" Great. I forgot my phone back at the hotel. "This is great." I stated. "Hey why don't you ask the girl in front of us?" Liam suggested.

I looked up to see a girl about 6-7 inches shorter than myself with blonde hair,She seemed pretty from behind. Slowly I walked up to her and tapped her shoulder. She turned and her gray eyes sparkled"Uh hi."She beamed. "Hi." I smiled widely, I was right she was more than pretty she was beautiful.

"My friend and I were wondering if you know how to get to the Statue or Liberty from here?" She giggled and then looked down."I'm just visiting actually so I don't know either." "Oh us too , well obviously. Oh yeah I'm Louis."I said extending my hand in hopes she would shake it.

Luckily she did."I'm Laney, nice to meet you.Wait a second,aren't you guys in One Direction?" Liam smiled then shook his head laughing."No shit."I said in laughter. "Laney want to join us?" Liam suggested. "I Uh kinda have some things to do but thanks." My heart sank a little bit, I was hoping she'd come. But then again if I was her I wouldn't go no matter what, we just met. "I'll see you around, do you have Twitter or something?" I called out to her as she walked away a bit.

"No but I have Instagram.""Okay follow me." I said in almost a scream. She smiled again then went on her way, when I turned back to Liam he was smiling at me weirdly. "What?" "Nothing."he replied. "What do you mean nothing?" "Oh it's just that five minutes ago you said you'll never have another girlfriend and then a few minutes later you meet a girl who seems to be perfect for. It's a coincidence don't you think?"

I smiled.Liam is right, Laney is beautiful and is funny plus her eyes are amazing. I hope she will remember to follow me. "I guess so." I said. "It's fate."

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