The War of Four Worlds

"I race through the woods, dodging trees and leaping over boulders, careful not to slip on the thin layer of frost on the ground. I routinely glance over my shoulder, seeing the pack of wolves quickly gaining on me.
I come to a halt when I reach a drop-off. Very long way down, and the cliff is vertical, no way to slide anyways. I hear the panting and paws crunching snow, so I'll try something new."

Read it to figure out what this is about! Hint: it gets very science fictioney (that's not a word) and there's plenty of blood and stuff so be warned.

Also, watch the 'trailer' (it's just a song, actually, but if you like rock music you should listen to it).


7. Chapter 7

My breath catches in my throat. The gash on my forearm looks like it's from the rock I landed on earlier. That should have healed a long time ago.

I rush out of Jonah's sight and snap a branch off of a tree. I grit my teeth and slowly dig it into my left arm.

I drop the branch when my arm starts to bleed. I sit with my back to the tree and wait.

I check my timekeeper. It's been five minutes. My arm is bleeding profusely, and it isn't healing. Maybe my healing has slowed down from the sedatives. That's it. I'll wait another ten minutes or so.

Fifty minutes later there is blood everywhere and I am feeling light-headed. I stumble back to the house.

Jonah looks surprised to see me.

"Why are you back so- hey, are you okay?"

"Jonah, I have never before suffered from such blood loss," I say.

"You aren't physically able to lose enough blood to cause pale skin and dizziness, Erika. What's wrong?" Jonah asks. I open my mouth to answer and fall forwards, losing consciousness.

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