The War of Four Worlds

"I race through the woods, dodging trees and leaping over boulders, careful not to slip on the thin layer of frost on the ground. I routinely glance over my shoulder, seeing the pack of wolves quickly gaining on me.
I come to a halt when I reach a drop-off. Very long way down, and the cliff is vertical, no way to slide anyways. I hear the panting and paws crunching snow, so I'll try something new."

Read it to figure out what this is about! Hint: it gets very science fictioney (that's not a word) and there's plenty of blood and stuff so be warned.

Also, watch the 'trailer' (it's just a song, actually, but if you like rock music you should listen to it).


18. Chapter 18

I cringe, waiting for something bad to happen. Zane smiles and leaves, just like that. He leaves the door open, and I release a little nervous laugh.

Wait. Jonah can't leave . . . and my door is still closed.

"Jonah?" I shout through the glass. He slowly looks up at me. "I'm going to get us out of here, okay?" I shout again. His eyes flash with fear. Why . . . I look around to see that a fire has started under the chair.

Dang it. I try to stomp out the fire, but it gets bigger. Stupid magic Zane fires.

I try to focus on getting out and getting Jonah out, but the fire has spread and it's getting hot in here.

I punch at the glass and the fire spreads around the edges of the room.

The machinery.

I rush back to the table with the electronics and frantically try to lift it. It's bolted to the ground. I back up, fire catching the edges of my jeans, and I run at the table.

A loud crack rips through the small room as the table's legs snap. I stand up and shake my hand out, snapping my arm back in place from the impact.

I breathe through my teeth with pain when flame reaches my back. I have to hurry.

I bend down and push all the equipment towards the window. Fire catches on my sleeve. I try to pat it out, but remember that Zane is causing this fire.

I have all the machinery against the window. I know I have to back up if I want the force to be enough . . .

I back into the fire before I have time to stop myself. The fire is burning faster than I'm healing . . . and my skin is burning . . . fire is everywhere . . . screaming . . . Now. I sprint at the window, hoping I make it in time . . .

An explosion rocks the world as soon as I hit the glass.

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