The War of Four Worlds

"I race through the woods, dodging trees and leaping over boulders, careful not to slip on the thin layer of frost on the ground. I routinely glance over my shoulder, seeing the pack of wolves quickly gaining on me.
I come to a halt when I reach a drop-off. Very long way down, and the cliff is vertical, no way to slide anyways. I hear the panting and paws crunching snow, so I'll try something new."

Read it to figure out what this is about! Hint: it gets very science fictioney (that's not a word) and there's plenty of blood and stuff so be warned.

Also, watch the 'trailer' (it's just a song, actually, but if you like rock music you should listen to it).


14. Chapter 14

The trident presses into my neck and another guard appears in front of me, and soon I am surrounded by tridents. The man opens his eyes and smiles at me, and the guards push me towards him. Something looks off about the man . . .

The Ragians stop me and one kicks my knee out. I yelp and fall to the ground.

"Why are you here?" the man asks, his smooth voice filling the void of space.

"I don't need to tell you," I snap. I immediately regret it; I had slipped back into my old, invincible self for a moment. One of the guards growls deep in his throat and the point of one of the tridents digs into my side.

"I will ask again," the man says calmly, "Why are you here. To kill me?" I shake my head and he laughs. "Your eyes betray you, Earthling." The trident is shoved farther into my side. "You can go ahead and kill her," he says to the guards with a dismissing wave.

All the guards stab their tridents at me at once and I jump, managing to avoid most of them. One scratches all the way down to my foot, but I ignore it and fly towards the man. His eyes open wide as I near him, and I notice what was off about him.

His eyes are red.

I try to get the creepiness of his eyes out of my head as I reach for the man. I have to kill him . . .

Something whistles in the air and I turn to see a trident hurtling through the air. It pierces my stomach and I scream. Always, always get hit while flying . . . I crash to the ground and the Ragian who threw the trident grips the handle and lifts it into the air like a flag, with me on the end. The man laughs at my screams, and everything starts to become distant.

I'm dying, I realize. All the noise is gone except the sound of my blood dripping to the ground, and I turn my head to look at the darkness that is The Fault. It's so beautiful. I feel myself slide down the trident a little, but I feel numb.

I'm going too die unless I kill him. Kill him! the persistent part of me commands, but I don't want to fight it anymore. I've already seen so much death, what does one more matter . . .

Do it. Use the power you have been given and destroy him! Oh, well, why didn't you say that before? I forgot I could do that . . . idiot . . . alright, well . . .

I start to lift my arm and the trident I am on gets thrown to the ground. All my senses turn back on, and I feel pain again. I am the only one making noise now, yelling in agony, and I can't focus on lifting my one arm . . .

They must have realized I'm still alive, because more tridents are thrown into me. I explode with pain and . . . wait, I actually exploded! Yes! I feel the asteroid beneath me break apart and I know that everyone on it is dead.

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