The War of Four Worlds

"I race through the woods, dodging trees and leaping over boulders, careful not to slip on the thin layer of frost on the ground. I routinely glance over my shoulder, seeing the pack of wolves quickly gaining on me.
I come to a halt when I reach a drop-off. Very long way down, and the cliff is vertical, no way to slide anyways. I hear the panting and paws crunching snow, so I'll try something new."

Read it to figure out what this is about! Hint: it gets very science fictioney (that's not a word) and there's plenty of blood and stuff so be warned.

Also, watch the 'trailer' (it's just a song, actually, but if you like rock music you should listen to it).


13. Chapter 13

I am glad I can fly faster than light, because my speed causes the effects of time travel to be a little off, I have a chance at making it back several trillion years before my brain collapses.

I cannot describe the journey, or how long the journey took, to a human. Time is out of wack, and my brain is turned to mush. All I can think of is that I need to kill something at The Fault.

When I reach my destination I see a large, gaping hole in the universe. It is like a black hole, and it is swirling and pulsing until it briefly stops, and when it stops a small bit of something comes out.

After a moment of watching it, I remember what I came for and look around, trying to find the center of the hive mind.

There! A disturbance near the pulsing mass of darkness. 

fly over there to see a man standing on an asteroid. He is tall, and he has his eyes closed, and his long brown hair rests on his eyelids. He is surrounded by what looks like Ragians, who are wielding tridents. Why tridents? I wonder.

I think the man is in control of the hive mind. I set down on the asteroid and walk closer.

I have to sneak up on them, but how? As I was contemplating this I felt a point of cold metal on the back of my neck.

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