The Suffering- (Redone)

Young Naomi never had a great start at life. Living under the roof of a house that isn't theirs, being raised by a single mother, and a short-tempered abusive ex-father who used to pop in and terrorize her and her mom are what she deals with. As she progressively gets older she realizes not only the struggles of loss, hardship, failure, and misfortune, but the advantages of success, triumph, and a whole lot of heart.

-Some content is questionable for people who do not like domestic harassment or detailed scenes, and you have been warned. Romance may be featured, but no sexual content will dare to come up. Slight language will be used.
Viewer Discretion is Advised.



1. 1. Hard Knock Life

"Ellie! When will this damn daughter of yours learn some respect!" My father screams at my terror-stricken mother.

"When you learn some yourself, you-." She starts to scream back.

"Don't you dare call me anything rude! Ellie, you freaking just don't get it! You're nothing compared to me! Now back off while I teach this daughter off yours a valuable lesson!"

He lifts up the belt and brings it down on me. Stop, dad, stop. Don't do this.

I've dealt with this long enough. It needs to freaking stop.

I stand up quickly and throw a punch at him. If it hits him, he's going to be even more mad. If it misses, he'll still probably want to kill me. So of course it hits him square in the jaw.

"You imbecile! You're gonna get it, girl!" But right before his hands go for my throat, my mother saves me.

"Stop! Or I'll shoot!" I peer around my father and see my own mother holding a huge shotgun aimed at the him.

"You would never, El. You're a coward." Dad's voice sounds calmer now.

"What the hell makes you think that?" Mother glares back at him, piercing a hole straight through his head. I swallow hard, bracing myself for the ring of the shotgun firing. But it never comes. My father stands up and she shoots a nearby flowery vase.

"Now get out of my house, jerk!" My mother screams.

"This isn't even your house!" He shoots back as he storms out.

"I know, George. I know."

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