I Think I Think Too Much

So I'm an Insomniac yeah? And sometimes I don't sleep at night so I take that time, as I see writing in the middle of the night is the best time to write, the darkness in my opinion draws out creativity, so these are just some things I wrote. They don't all apply to me and these aren't always my feelings, sometimes I just write for other people, for the people with no voice, the people that are too afraid to say what needs to be said, I write for those people. Overthinking.


20. let's.

Let's have adventures. 

Let's break rules.

Let's laugh till we cry. 

Let's make messes. 

Let's hold hands while we scream our anger out loud. 

Let's be the sarcastic jerks we are and not care what people say. 

Let's go on a walk and get lost and not ask for directions.

Let's buy oversized sweaters. 

Let's go play at a park at 3am.

Let's not be afraid to blast our favourite songs while we drive.

Let's dye our hair different colours.

Let's not be afraid of causing messes and making trouble. 

Let's paint right on the wall and skip the canvas.

Let's teach each other new things.

Let's not be afraid to sit on a cliff or walk through poison ivy. 

Let's Graffiti on everything. 

Let's not stop skateboarding till every inch of our bodies are bruised or skinned and bleeding. 

Let's go to all the best concerts and get enough money to meet them backstage.

Let's travel everywhere.

Let's get ripped. 

Let's spend 100$ at the dollar store.

Let's crash a wedding. 

Let's have 5 dogs and adopt 8 children. 

Let's cover a whole wall in toms flags. 

Let's build a fort and leave it up for months on end. 

Let's get disconnected.

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