I Think I Think Too Much

So I'm an Insomniac yeah? And sometimes I don't sleep at night so I take that time, as I see writing in the middle of the night is the best time to write, the darkness in my opinion draws out creativity, so these are just some things I wrote. They don't all apply to me and these aren't always my feelings, sometimes I just write for other people, for the people with no voice, the people that are too afraid to say what needs to be said, I write for those people. Overthinking.


48. It all comes down to worth or lacktherof

I am like a penny.

Considered as currency, sure.
Considered to have worth, but little.
Considered a coin, but not as great as all the rest. 
I am useful, but people prefer the shiny silver coins that are worth more. 
I get tossed in a jar, put away and only to be used when it's most convenient for you. 
I'm there, but I'm forgotten. 
I'm used, but never valued. 
Passed around, but never kept. 

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