Lost in Rock and Roll

Michael, the new guy in school, draws this bad boy image to himself. You can't help but notice him, and he can't help but notice you. And trying to get him to see you as more than just a pretty face will get you into more than you bargained for.

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2. Unexpected

Chapter 2

You wake up in you bedroom, today is the day, the first day of school, the day you will be remembered.

You pull out your new black skinny jeans along with a Nirvana crop top. Once dressed you head to your vanity freshly stocked with makeup you can't even pronounce. Your try and remember all the tricks Jasmine taught you yesterday about how eyeshadow goes before eyeliner and eyeliner comes before mascara or maybe it's after? Anyways you decide to do a simple top eyeliner with mascara and red gloss. The next and final step, your hair. You feel compelled to put it up and just stick on your glasses like always. But not today, it's hard but you take off your glasses and reach for your contacts. After you grab your brush and give your hair one last look before yanking out the pony tail.

You go over to your mirror and open your eyes. You look nothing like your old self, but a new punk rock version, the person you have always felt like becoming. You slip on your black converse and head down stairs.

"y/n! I made you breakfast." Your mom calls to you.

"Thanks, but I think Jasmine is here, bye!"

"Wait a minuet, what happened to your sweaters? Your hair!? And, are you wearing makeup?"

"Yes, I'll explain later gotta go."

You escape the house and Jasmine pulls up.

"Wow, I did good." Jasmine hollers to you. You chuckle and hop in her car.

Now at school, your heart beats faster and faster. you try and convince yourself your not that different but every glance in the mirror makes that statement look wrong.

"Come on y/n or we will be late. Don't worry, they will love you." Jasmine persists.

You finally get out of the car clenching to Jasmine.

"Wow! Y/n? Is that you? Is all you hear down the halls. Maybe Jasmine was right about this.

"Okay I'll see you at lunch, have fun with your attention grabbing self." Jasmine teases.

You wave her off and head to your locker. You start to unlock the combination, and "WHAM!" You get suddenly knocked down by a boy with flaming red hair.

"Ouch!" You yell in pain as he lands on you.

He gets up in a hurry and apologizes right away.

"Sorry, I'm so clumsy, I guess I wasn't paying attention. Are you alright?" He asks."

"Yeah I'm fine." You say.

"Hi, I'm Michael, I just moved here from Australia. He extends a hand.

You grab it.


You analyze him and realize how attractive he really is. His features are so cute and unique, but still making him punk rock with his eyebrow piercing. With this new realization, you start to blush.

"Your into Nirvana?" Michael asks, looking at your shirt.

"Yeah they are one of my favorites, next to Green Day."

"REALLY!? I have never met anyone besides my three band mates with that taste in music before." He looks at you in amazement.

"So, you have a band?."

"Yeah! We moved together to be closer to our regular venues. You should definitely come see us rehearse some time."

"I'd love to!"

you exchange phones and enter in your number.

"So I guess I'll text you." Michael says, getting red in the checks.

"sounds good!" You holler.

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