Lost in Rock and Roll

Michael, the new guy in school, draws this bad boy image to himself. You can't help but notice him, and he can't help but notice you. And trying to get him to see you as more than just a pretty face will get you into more than you bargained for.

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1. Punk Rock

Chapter 1

"Come on out y/n!" your friend jasmine beckons.

"no, they are too tight." you holler.

"that's the point, you have a great butt, show it off!"

"haha, fine."

You come out to jasmine and look in the mirror. Your legs are wrapped with black skinny jeans, that make you look totally badass.

"You look so good y/n."

"I feel like I'm showing too much."

"Do you want to be noticed or not this year, because if not you can go home to your over sized sweat pants and tee-shirts."

Your the type of girl who isn't that happy with her appearance. Your wardrobe consists of baggy and fuzzy clothing. And you always hide your long black hair in a pony tail. You have always been a little different from most girls. Even jasmine. You have a great taste in music that most people don't recognize. Blink-182, Nirvana, Green Day, Arctic Monkeys, you have almost every album and vinyl from them.

You take a deep breath, you do look good in the jeans, and what's so wrong with wanting to be a little punk rock?

"Fine. I'll get them."

"YES! Now pick out some shirts and shoes then we can go."

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