Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


15. Wednsday

hello! guys I'm really sorry i haven't been updating lately, so i got those last two chapters published, and I'm gonna pay more attention to this story. i also have a wattpad, so i have been writing my stories on there, but i will be on here more. i cant believe that you guys love it! i didn't think it would be such a success, but seeing how you all comment to tell me that you love it makes me fee good. also, if you think the story is rushing a little, tell me. i rush the stories to get to the good parts sometimes, so i can slow it down if you want. thanks again for reading, now onto Carly and Michael's date...

i stare at my reflection once more, making sure i looked perfect. i didn't want one thing to be out of place, especially since i had worked so hard to look good.

i was satisfied with how i looked. for now at least. i was wearing a form fitting cream sweater, with jeans and a light blue scarf. i had also put in my really expensive pear earrings that i got for my sixteenth birthday.

i had taken out my lip ring so i looked fancy or whatever. by the time i finished getting ready, Michael said he was almost at my house. i was really nervous, and sitting on the porch, in the cold.

i could have waited inside, but i wanted to make sure Michael didn't drive past my house or something.

i sat watching it start to snow from the light pink sky. i play with my scarf until i look up and see a black car in the driveway.

the door opens and a smiling Michael gets out.

"hey Carly!"

"hey Michael!" it was kinda weird that i hadn't known him for a week, yet i was going on a date with him. he walked closer to me, until he was on my porch.

"you look great." he breathed. i smiled and looked at my flats.

"thanks. you look good too." he was wearing a green polo with jeans.

"thanks." he smiled. for a moment, we stood awkwardly for a few moments, before my mom opened the door.

"well hello! you must be Michael!"

"um yeah and were about to leave." i say. i don't want her scaring Michael off or something.

"nice to meet you." Michael says, smiling.

"you guys look so cute!" thats what she said, but she was eying Michael's red hair.

"thanks." Michael said.

"were gonna go now..." i say.

"wait! i want to take pictures."

"no!" i say a little too loud.

"shush, just a few pictures."

"fine." i say, crossing my arms.

"she doesn't get many dates." she said at Michael, but i heard her.


"alright! now pose for the camera." she lifts up her iphone. "scoot closer." i loot at Michael. i knew my cheeks were red, and my mom forcing us to get close wasn't helping.

she smiles as we hear the snap of the camera.

"can we go now?"

"one more."


"smile!" she says. we do and she snaps another picture.

"done?" she nods.

"have fun!" she says, and walks inside.

"ready?" Michael asks me.

"yeah." i say. he gently takes my hand and we walk to the car. he opens my door for me and i blush. i sit down in his car.

he closes the door and walks to the other side, and gets in. he starts the car, and we back out of the driveway.

about ten minutes in the into the drive, Michael speaks up.

"so tell me a bit about yourself."

"well i uh..." i thought for a moment. "this is hard!"

"want me to ask you some questions?"


"okay. uh.. what your favourite color?"


"nice. favourite movie?"


"the disney movie?"

"yeah." i laugh at myself.

"cute." i blush.

"whens your birthday?"

"december twenty-fifth."

"christmas baby." he smiles at me.

"yep, thats me." i grin.

"so what do you do for fun?"

"i don't get out much."

"oh. well..."

"in sorry, I'm really boring."

"your fine." he smiled at me.

"so what movie are we going to see?"

"just whatever is there."

"cool." I've never done that before.

"yeah." we stayed quiet until we got there.

"were here!" i look up from my phone an look at the old movie theatre in front of me.

the bricks are chipped and grey, and the sidewalk is so cracked, it looks like its gonna break under me.

we walk hand in hand to the ticket window, where we see a skinny guy with acne and oily brown hair.

"what movie?" is all he says in a bored tone.

"um..." Michael wonders out loud. "what movie do you think?" he says, turning to me.

"hmm..." i look at the posters and see one that has a scared looking girl on it. its a horror movie called Ready?.

"how about that one?" i point to it. he followed my finger to the poster.

"alright." he smiles at me.

"two for Ready."

"alright." the guy typed something in the computer, clicked the mouse, and two tickets were printed out of the slot. he tore them off and handed them to us.

"here you go, enjoy the show." he said, handing them to us with his slim fingers.

"thanks." Michael says. he nods and we walk inside.

"do you want any popcorn?" he faces me.

"um, I'm good."

"okay." we walk to the usher, get the ticket stub, and go into the theater.

"are you sure you want to see a scary movie?" he asks.

"yeah, i like scary movies." i grin.

"okay." he smiles back. we walk in and its already dark, so the movie must be starting really soon.

"where do you want to sit?" he whispered.

"anywhere is okay."

"alright." we walk up close to the top and sit down by ourselves.

"exited for the movie?"

"yeah. you?"



"you don't talk much."

"i do..." i smile.

"do not." he grins.

"soooo...." some random preview is playing, and the movie its featuring looks terrible.

"sooooo..." he replies in the same awkward tone.

neither one of us say anything, and eventually the movie starts. it starts off really boring, so i thought it was gonna stay that way.

i was far from right.

it was a movie that played with your mind and had a sick twist to it.

"Michael." i tap his shoulder and he looks at me. he didn't look to well either.

"i don't like this movie." my voice was shaking. how is this only pg-13? "i am sooooo sorry i picked this." I felt so bad in general i just wanted to cry.

"i don't either, lets go." we get up and walk as fast as we can, almost tripping over eachother.

we open the door from the stuffy theater and walk into the dimly lit hall. it looks a whole lot scarier now, and the dark movie posters weren't exactly helping.

"michael, i am so sorry, i didn't know it would be like that."

"its not your fault. lets just get the fuck outta here."

"yeah." without thinking, i grab his hand and our fingers automatically intertwine. i look at michael to find he is already looking at me and smiling. i scoot a little closer to him as we walk.

my nerves are calm until we step outside. its completly dark other than the red glow from the theaters crappy sign on the front of the building.

"street lights would be helpful." i mumble.

"yeah really." he agrees.

i am scared to death of the dark. i know it was just a movie, but- i bump into something and i scream.

"what the hell!" it yells. it sounds like...

"Luke?" i say.

"carly? its so dark i cant see shit."

"um..." Michael says awkwardly.

"Luke what are you doing here?"

"um, well, at theaters, people see movies."


"you asked." he scoffed. i slip my free hand in my pocket and pull out my phone. i click the home button and swipe from the bottom to bring up the little control panel. i click on the flash light, and a burst of white light illuminates Luke.

his cheekbones are sharp in the light, and his blue eyes are shadowed. he dosent look happy.

"who's that?" Luke points behind me.

"um... Michael."


"yeah, thats what i said."


"were in a date you asshole."



"whatever. why are you on a date?"

"ummm... when people like each other they go on dates." i was secretly a little happy to see Luke, but he hurt me and obviously didn't care that he did.

"why are you being sarcastic?"

"maybe i would be nicer of you didn't hurt me." i dropped Michaels hand so i could face Luke. "i cried over you and you didn't give one fuck."

"y-you cried over me?"

"you watched me cry!"

"did not! look, i didn't want to make you cry."

"it doesn't matter." my tone turned bitter.

"i didn't mean to hurt you." he tried to place his hand on my arm, but i moved back to Michael.

"the hell you didnt! lets go." i grumble the last bit. to Michael.

"Carly wait, let me explain." Luke tried.

"i think you hurt her enough." Michael stepped in. arguing with a girl could be carried out forever, but something about a guy stepping in for the girl made the other guy silent.

Luke walked away without another word.

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