Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


22. we need to talk

"what do you want Luke?" i say into the receiver.


"are you mad at me?"


"lets see... hmm, well you hurt my boyfriend so YEAH." i roll my eyes even though he cant see me.


"please dont be mad, i was just defending myself! he hit me first!"


"because you kissed me!"


"dont you dare tell me you didn't feel anything, i know you did." i stay quiet.


"thats what i thought Carly. your falling in love with me."


"i am not! i love Michael!"


"you love us both."


"i love Michael and i hate you, please leave me alone, you've done enough."


"you guys are moving too fast! you have barely known each other for two weeks and your so serious! when we were in the office, you kept calling each other kitten and you kept uh... kissing, and it.. it fucking hurts carly."




"it hurts me! i know your falling in love with me Carly, you just don't want to believe it."


"no, im not falling in love with you." but as i say the words, i question it.


"your fucking hurting me."


"im not trying to, i just dont have feelings for you."


"do you remember the day we picked up your car? you kissed me. and later you told me that you felt something. you fucking said that."


"Luke, stop cussing at me."


"your hurting me Carly! and frankly i don't know what to do."


"i told you we could be friends. but that was before you hurt my kitten!"


"dont fucking use that name when your talking to me."


"stop cussing!" tears start to brim in my eyes as Luke continues to yell at me.


"Carly, i know your falling in love, just admit it!"


"i am not!" i protest.


"are you crying?"


"no!" my voice shook.


"please don't cry... Fuck, im sorry. i didnt mean to make you cry."


"what did you expect? yelling at me isnt gonna make me happy!"


"Kitten?" michael comes out of his room and i turn around before he can see my face. "whats with all the yelling?"




"look at me."


"i cant." you could hear the tears in my voice.


"carly whats wrong?" i feel a hand on my shoulder. he turns me to face him, and i stare down at the floor feeling ashamed. "why are you crying?" he panics and pulls me close to him.




"you cant cry and tell me nothings wrong."


"its nothing michael." my voice sounds so high-pitched and choked.


"remember that i said you could tell me anything?"




"stop telling your fine! thats bullshit!" i cry on his shoulder. "who is on the phone?"


"Luke." i choke out. i look up and him and he looks seriously pissed.


"the fuck is he calling you for.." he mutters under his breath. "give me your phone."


"no." i dont know why i was defending Luke. i knew Michael would just yell at Luke.


"give me your phone!"


"No!" i hit the 'end call' button and run down the stairs and quickly out the front door with no shoes or a coat. the sky matches my mood; dark grey. it snowing, just adding to the two or so inches on the ground. i close my eyes and sit in the snow, crying.


"Carly!" Michael yells.


"Leave me alone!" i yell back.


"you'll get sick out here!" Michael coughs and i remember that he is getting sick himself.


"i don't care!"


"why are you mad at me?" he sits beside me, trying to look at my face, but i pull my knees to my chest and place my forehead on them.


"Carly, please talk to me." he puts his arm around my back; the only warmth to my body. "carly, im sorry." he apologizes. he sneezes and i cringe.


"get inside. your sick."


"im not going back inside without you."


"go inside!" i yell.




"what are you doing?" i turn my head and sneak a look at him. his cheeks are turning pink and he looks upset.


"there are those beautiful brown eyes." he smiles. "will you please come inside with me?"


"no." i say, softer this time.


"carly, your going to get sick."


"i don't care."


"stop being stubborn."


"im gonna pick you up and carry you inside."


"no you wont."


"you don't think i will?" he stands up and i feel myself being lifted.


"what the fuck!" i scream. "put me down michael!"


"no!" he throws me over his shoulder and i beat on his back as he walks to his porch.


"put me down!" he sets me on the porch and i sit down on the bench. "dont touch me." i warn as he sits beside me.


"dont act like this." he sits beside me, and puts his hand on my thigh.


"Michael stop."


"please just look at me." i turn to face him and give him a stale expression.


"not like that. why are you even mad at me?"


"i dont know, this whole thing just sets me in edge."


"i dont like it." i sigh, watching my breath leave.


"me either."


"do you feel better now carly?"


"i guess."


"lets get inside before you get sick too."




"can i carry you?"


"i can't walk michael."


"i dont like the way you say my name. i prefer kitten." he smiles at me and i sigh.


"alright, kitten, i can walk myself."


"then come on." he takes my hand and we walk inside.


"want to order that pizza now?"


"sure." i say. i rub my arms, trying to warm myself up.


"here." michael takes off his sweater, leaving a thin green day tee on him. he pulls it over my head and i smile.


"it smells like you." i say, inhaling deeply. the sweater is too big on me, but i don't mind. it's michaels and i love how sweet he was to give me his sweater.


"lets go order that pizza."








"i dont feel right." Michael groans.


"whats wrong?" i watch him grimace and set his fifth slice of pizza down.


"my stomach hurts."


"you probably just ate too much..."


"yeah... maybe..." his eyes grow wide and he starts running away. "nope!" he shouts.


"Michael!" i chase after him, and see he has ran to the bathroom. moments later, i watch him puke his guts out. "oh my god." i kneel beside him and rub his back as he retches.


when he's done, he sits back, and i see strands of his blue hair are sticking to his head with clammy sweat.


"do you want me to get you anything?"


"no." he says weakly.


"aw." i scoot closer to him and place a hand on his knee.


"i dont want you getting sick."


"if i get sick, we'll just take care of eachother."




"im not leaving Mikey." he groans.


"now do you want some water?" i ask.


"no, im okay. will you help me up?"


"of course." i smile and hold out a hand that he takes. his palms are sweaty and cold and i frown. i hope he wasnt getting the stomach flu on top of a cold. i pull on his hand and help him up, and let him hook one arm around my shoulder to use me for support.


"Michael? are you alright?" His mom asks when she sees me helping him.


"i dont feel well." He groans.


"Carly, maybe you should go. i have it from here."


"let her stay mom, she want's to take care of me." Michael protests.


"but she'll get sick." She counters.


"i really dont mind." i protest.




"please?" Michael adds.


"fine. just be careful."


"i will." i lead michael up the stairs and to his room and he lays on the bed.


"im gonna go get you like a..." i ponder for the word.


"vomit bag?" Michael suggests.


"yeah, that."

"Dont go, ill be fine."

"What happens of you get sick again?"

"Ill be fine."


"Carly. Ill be fine." He says cutting me off.


"Shh, now come here and cuddle."

"I think you should brush your teeth before i get close to you." I wrinkle my nose to add effect



"You look so cute when you scrunch your nose."

"I do?"

"Yes you do." He smiles.

"oh well." i shrug and sit on the edge of the bed and watch him yawn.

"tired?" i ask.

"yeah, a little." he adjusts himself, sending me gently rocking on the bed. 

"you should get some rest." 

"i will if you cuddle with me." i sigh.

"if i have to..." 

"oh shut up." he says playfully and i giggle.


and eventually, we fall asleep to the sound of our rhythmic breathing. 

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