Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


3. tattoo parllor

"Thanks for comming." He hugged me. He smelled like hair product and it made me wonder how much he used on his blonde hair.

"Sure. Not promising I'm gonna get a tattoo."

"What about a peircing?"

"They do those?"

"Of course!"

"I have always wanted a bar..."


"Here." I grabbed the top part of my left ear with my thumb and pointer finger.

"A tongue bar would look better."

"You think? Wouldn't that hurt?"

"I guess."

"Ouch!" I exclaimed.

"Tattoo would hurt worse."

"Speaking of that, what are you getting a tattoo of?"

"Maybe a snowflake?"

"So manly." I giggle.

"Are you gonna chose something or not?" The burly man behind the counter said impaitently. Pushy.

"Still deciding." Luke said.

"Great." The man walked to the staff door and went out of sight.

"Seriously, we meed to make a decision."

"I might go tongue piercing."


"I think." I fiddled with my lip ring.

"Nervous?" I kinda was.


"Aw." He put his arm around my shoulder and i shrugged him off. "What? It was a friendly gesture i swear!" I eyed him and sighed.

"Alright hemmings." He smiled and placed his arm around my shoulders again. I thought about it. My parents wouldn't care if i got another piercing. But it would hurt.

"So what do you want?" The man asked again. I hadn't noticed that he took his position behind the counter again.

"Um, i want a tongue bar."

"Alrighty." His chapped lips formed a smile. "And for you?" I watched Luke pull on his ring and think for a moment.

"Um, i want... A tattoo of 5 tally marks. Black."

"Interesting choice." I said before the the man could reply.

"It seems cool i guess." He shrugged. Well it seemed kinda fitting for him.


"Right side of my left hand."

"Okay. Follow me." We walk down the hall a pass some rooms along the way. I see someone getting a tattoo on her shoulder, i see a man getting a lip plate, (ouch) and a woman getting a tattoo on her boob. Yikes.

"You will stay here," he says as he points to luke, "and you will go with lauren." He points to me, then to a girl with black hair and a nose ring standing about 5 feel away from us.

"Alright. See you later luke." I smile at him before walking to a different room with Lauren. I notice she has amber eyes and heavy mascara. They must be color contacts.

"First tongue peircing?" She asks. I nod.

"Great, this will be fun." She smiles and bites her tongue in a Miley cyrus way. My insides feel a bit jumbled and I'm really nervous. I hope it docent hurt.

"Okay, i need you to hold this under your chin in case you bleed alot." Um OKAY.

"Alright.." I take the paper towel from her hand.

"Shoot! I forgot, you don't need that yet. Here, pick out your ring." She hands me a box filled with tongue rings. Some are really pretty and bars, some with metallic balls, some with spikes, (SO not happening) and some really ugly ones.

"Um, i like this one." I hold up a bar. Its a silver bar with a ball on each end and their white and purple swirled.

"Cute!" She says as she takes it. "Now you need the paper towel." I pick it up and hold it under my chin. She smiles and reaches for something, a pair of scissors. But they have little circles on the end.

"Say ah and stick out your tongue." So i do as she says.

She grabs a section of my tongue and picks up a purple marker.

"Im gonna mark where i stick the needle in." A few moments later, i feel it marking on my tongue and my heart jumps. Im so close.

Next, she grabs a little cork and places it on the bottom of my tongue. I watch her grab the needle and she poises it.

"Ready?" She asks.

"Yeah." Sounds a little funny since my tongue is sticking out.

"On three. One...two...three!" She pushes the needle through and it HURTS. Like if you pinch your tongue really hard. Water gathers in my eyes and they burn. I feel her slip in the bar and screw the ball on.

"How do you feel?"

"That stung." It sounds like my mouth is full, and i try to stop the burning in my eyes.

"Yeah. Now be sure to eat soft foods until the swelling goes down. Cold drinks help too." I nod. Is Luke gonna make fun of me? I don't know..

"Im gonna go check on buke." Dang it.

"Is he your boyfriend?" I blush.

"No, were just friends."

"Okay. Might want to snatch him up now though, he looks hot." She smiles at me an i blush deeper. Were not a couple, Luke isn't mine. He never would be.

"Um, okay." I thank her and walk out to go back where Luke was.

"Hey." I poke my head in the door and see him standing and looking at his hand. He must be done.

"How did it go?" I still sound funny and i see Luke try not to laugh.

"Its not bunny!" The swelling must have gotten bigger. Oops. He giggles and i frown. I walk over to him and take his hand.

It looks really good, 4 tallies with the 5th one going through them. Its a little red around it from agitation, but other than that, its okay.

"Wicked isn't it?" I smile and nod.

"Its okay, i wont make fun of you anymore." I shake my head and he smiles and takes my hand. We walk to the front and pay for our things before leaving.

"That was fun." I nod. "Let me see your ring." I open my mouth and stick out my tongue. "Nice." He goes to touch it, but i slap his hand away and close my mouth.

"Hmph." He protests. I smile and start walking to my car.

"Wait!" He grabs my arm, swinging me around. Before i can move, he kisses me on the forehead and runs to his car, leaving me there with my hand on the trace of his lips.

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