Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


25. school



"are you sure your well enough to go to school tomorrow?" my mother asked.

"yeah." i cough and she frowns.

"i think i'm gonna keep you here one more day..." 

"mom, i have to catch up with my school work!"

"one more day wont kill you." 

"its just a cough mom." i had gotten over the stomach flu two days ago, and the worst part of my cold was over. i just had this annoying cough. and im thankful that carly never got sick. 


"i have to go to school, Carly will be there and Luke gets back tomorrow too. i cant leave her alone." 

"i know its hard, but after you hit him he won't mess with her anymore." 

"he will if i'm not there." 

"i don't think Carly will let him do anything." 

"last time, he just kissed her and she was so panicked...look, i'm going to school tomorrow, its alright." just then, my phone rang and carly's name flashed on the screen. "i gotta take this." she sighed and walked out of my room and i grabbed my phone. 

"hey carly." a loud cough filled my ear and i cringed.

"im sick." i could hear her stuffy nose.

"im so sorry." 

"its not your fault." 

"yeah it is." 


"do you want me to come over?" 

"yeah. my parents and my sister left for church and then their gonna have lunch out. they'll be gone for a while." 

"they left you all alone?" 

"they figured you would want to come over." she laughs and it sounds all stuffy and ragged. 

"ah. well, of course, i'll come over now." 

"thank you so much." 

"anytime." i hang up the phone and stand up, slipping it in my pocket. i look down at my boxers and wrinkled green day t-shirt and i guess that i cant go outside in this. i kick clothing out of my way as i cross over to my closet and pull out an Iron Maiden t-shirt and some black skinny jeans with rips in the knees. i'm not much of a sweater guy, i had just worn the sweater on my first date with Carly to look nice. 

i look in my mirror, running a hand through my blue hair. i have to admit, the blue really suits me. then i throw on some black vans and run down stairs. 

"mom?" i call, standing in front of the door. 


"Carly's sick, im gonna go over and take care of her. her parents left her home alone." 

"wear a coat!" 


"you can't leave if your not wearing a coat!" 

"fine!" i run to the hall closet and grab my coat from the closet and throw it on. "alright i'm leaving now!"

"alright!" i walk outside into the bright day, and theirs snow everywhere. we must have gotten like half a foot of snow last night. i squint my eyes against the sun reflecting on the snow and walk to my car. when i get inside, i grab my keys from he glove department and start the engine before backing out of the driveway. 

when i get to her house, i run up the the front door and ring the bell. it takes a few moments before the door swings opens, and my red nosed girlfriend appears. her brown hair is pulled messily into a bun, and she's wearing a large sweater with pj bottoms. 

"hi." she smiles weakly. 

"aw." i pull her into a hug and rub her back. 

"thanks for coming." her voice is stuffy.

"you poor thing." i frown. she has wrapped herself in a blanket and her hair was a mess. i close the door and help her onto the couch. there are tissues everywhere and i also spot a bottle of water. 

"i feel awful." 

"i'm so sorry, this is all my fault." 

"don't feel bad. i was the one who wanted to take care of you." 

"yeah but i let you stay." 

"because you love me." 

"i know." i kiss her temple and she smiles. "i'll be here to take care of my little kitten." 

"thank you." 

"do you want me to stay home with you tomorrow?" 

"you need to go to school." 

"i don't want to be alone with Luke." 

"....well thats true." 

"i think i'll just stay here with you tomorrow."



"thank you." her face lights up and its absolutely adorable. 

"you look adorable." 

"i look terrible." 

"no you don't." 

"i think so." 

"i think your beautiful." i smile at her and she flushes. 

"thank you." i press my lips to her temple and and she smiles.

"hey, do you want me to get you anything?" she pulls her sweater over her hands to make little paws. 

"can you get me some cold medicine from the hall closet?" her big brown eyes look up and me from my shoulder. 

"of course. where is it?" 

"um, in the hall?" 

"right... upstairs?" 


"alright, i'll go find it." 

"thank you." i smile at her before i get up to find the medicine. i look around the hall and open the first door i see, which is the bathroom. im about to close the door when i see a box on the counter thats been opened. i walk in the bathroom and pick it up, feeling slightly intrusive. i flush bright red when i read the box and place it back on the counter; it was a box of pads. 

i stumble out of the bathroom and walk down the hall, and open a different door, finding bottles and boxes of medicine. i look at a few of them before grabbing a box of cold medicine and a bottle of aspirin in case she needed one. 

i walk back to the living room and see her trying to fix her hair while looking at her phone screen.

"hey." she slightly jumps, then giggles at herself. 

"hi." she stops fiddling with her hair, leaving it in a loose pony tail. 

"i got these," i say, walking over to her and setting down the medicine in her lap. "i thought you would need both." 

"why the aspirin?" she says, inspecting the bottle then looking up at me.

"well, i saw a box in the bathroom of your uh... you know those uh...." i hated the word pads; it was really embarrassing talking about that stuff. 

"the pads? oh..." her cheeks turn pink and she sets the bottle in her lap. "sorry about that." 

"its fine." 

"thanks though, i usually need these." 

"yeah i uh.. didn't know if you would need them." my cheeks were burning at this point, and i was looking at my lap. 

"this is awkward..." 


"lets move on." 

"good idea." she sets the bottle down and i hear the pills clattering around inside. she picks up the other box and takes out the pill sheet. she hands me the box and i look up at her.

"how many does it say to take?" i look at the label and read for a moment. 

"it says take two." she nods and punches two pills out of their bubbles, and swallows then with a bottle of water she had on the table. then she leans back against the couch, with her eyes closed.

"do you need anything else?" she looks at me and smiles, but it looks forced.

"i'm alright." 

"your sick." she frowns. "come here carly." i open my arm and watch as she crawls across the couch and snuggles between the couch and myself. 

"thank you."

"your welcome." she snuggles her head into my side and i smile. 



"do you think Luke will ever leave us alone?" this question caught me.

"uh, i don't really know. he seems to really like you." 

"yeah. he had always liked me. we have been friends for a while, and we hung out more in middle school, but he was asking me out too much, so i kinda drifted from him. then we were put in the same science class and we started hanging out again but-"

"its alright love." she gave me a confused look. what i didn't want to tell her is that i didn't want to hear her telling me about the guy that was in love with her. she shook her head and snuggled into her side. 


hey guys! im SO sorry i haven't updated i like a million years, but i swear this isn't the only chapter i will upload today :) i love you all and thanks for reading :)

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