Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


16. scardy cat

"sorry we met up with Luke."

"its not your fault." we were standing on my porch, just talking. i think that Michael also hadn't left because he was just to scared to leave.

"I'm really sorry for picking that movie. it ruined the whole...uh..." i didn't want to call it a date if thats not what is was.

"date." he finished.


"yeah. carly- i really uh... like you."

"what? i didn't think you did." i say getting exited.

"yeah." his accent is so cute, and just, is amazing.

"so uh... hmm."


"i uh... will you uh... i mean i know we haven't known each other long but.. i uh... will you be my friend? who's a girl? but we like... date a stuff?"

"girlfriend?" i ask.

"uh, yeah that." his cheeks are pink.

"yes." i smile.

"you uh, don't think I'm rushing?"

"we might have ended up dating anyway."

"yeah. do you think Luke is gonna be mad?"

"oh, um yeah..."


"he really likes me and i um..." my voice faded into a whisper.

"its okay." Michael places a hand on my shoulder.

"yeah..." Luke is a delicate subject and talking about it made me feel weird.

"how about we focus on just us?"

"yeah, that sounds like a good idea." we didn't say much after that. we didn't know what to talk about.

"well... i better be getting inside." i check my phone and it says that its almost eleven.

"yeah... but before you go..."

"what?" he kissed me in reply and i was stunned.

"that." he smiles and i bite my lip.

"wow." i couldn't say anything else.

"ill text you, and maybe we could have a uh...less scary date." he jokes.

"yeah." i laugh slightly, but i still think the movie scarred me for life. i then realise i will be alone when Michael leaves. my parents are asleep no doubt, and it will be dark in the house.

i watch him start to walk away when i call his name. he turns around.


"could you uh... walk me up to my room? I'm scared." i feel like a baby asking for accompaniment in my own house, but i was so frightened.

"sure." he smiles. i relax a little when he walk over to me. he takes my hand and i open the door to my house. my mom had left it unlocked which didn't help my scared feeling.

i flip on the light switch thats near the door, and i sigh in relief when i see the house is empty. i hold Michael's hand tight as we make our way across the living room and then up the stairs.

the furniture from the living room casts shadows up the stairs and into the barely lit hall. i squeeze his hand and hope he doesn't mind.

"alright... I'm uh.. at my room." i say awkwardly.

"i see." he says, eying the posters around my room. "one direction eh?"

"yeah. i love them."

"I've heard of them. they seem like good people."

"their amazing."

"man i wish i was in a band. that would be EPIC."

"do you play any instruments?"

"i love the guitar."

"cool." i smile. "what kind of guitar do you have?"

"acoustic and bass."

"nice. i would like to hear you play sometime."

"I'm not very good..."

"i bet you are."

"okay, ill play for you sometime."

"thanks. i cant wait."

"i uh, better be going?" the end rose like a question.

"i guess. i mean... I'm like forcing you out, but i mean, you have to like get to your house an like... yeah." wow okay I'm really awkward.

"yeah, i know." he chuckles.

"i guess ill see you soon." i say.

"yeah. but before i go..." he gently takes my chin and guides my lips to his.

"mmmm." i mumble. he breaks away and gives me a hug.

"i guess i better go."


"see ya."

"see ya." he walks out and closes the door behind him, and I'm still reeling from our date.

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