Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


6. not so subtle

"Ready?" Luke asks as he stands in my doorway.

His hair was framed around a grey beanie. Just like the one i have and was wearing. His lip ring was blue with a small ball on it and he was fiddling with it.

"Twins!" I say pointing to his beanie.

"Yeah." He grinned. "All ready?" He asked again.

"Yep." I walked out and shivered. It was a cold thursday, and and a small dust of snow was on the ground.

"Cold?" He asks.

"A little." I admitted.

"Come'er." He pulled me into his side and i will say he was warmer than me, but we were just friends.

"Come on, friends hug!"

"...fine luke." He pulls me to him again as we wall to his car. It starts to snow lightly and they catch my hair. Its so beautiful. Maybe it was enough to get outta school early. We had a government and a science final today. My worst subjects.

"Nervous?" He asks as we get in the car. Was i that easy to figure out?

"Yeah, a little. You?"


"Which one?"

"Both." Me and Luke had all the same classes which was really spooky. It had been that way all year.


"I have a question." I knew what it would be, but i played along like i had no idea.

"What?" I say innocently.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"


"Wait, really?"


"Come on! I thought you were serious!"

"Well i wasnt."

"Screw you."

"Sorry not sorry." I smirked and crossed my arms.

"Come on, were lip ring buddies!"

"Lip ring buddies?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Why not? And hey, seems like you can talk better."

"I don't think it was to be this easy. I was supposed to have trouble for a while, right?"

"Guess your lucky Carly."

"I guess."

We drove for a few minutes in silence until we reached the pallor.

"Here is your stop." He says, clicking the button to unlock my door.

"Um, can we get my car after school?" I bite my lip. I was really comfy and i didn't want to get up. Plus, my hands still hurt.

"Yeah, sure. On one condition. Kiss me."

"On second thought, i think I'm gonna go to my car..."

"Please? Its just a kiss! It wont hurt to kiss me, i promise. Please?" I knew he was trying so hard here to win me over. But was it okay to kiss a guy you were just friends with?

"But its gonna complicate things lucas."



"Please?" He pleaded with his blue eyes.

"Luke, that isn't fair to you."

"I promise, i wont ask you again unless we start dating."

"I don't know." I thought it over as the snow fell harder. It looked to be one inch and it was making the roads white.

My phone went off and i saw it was a message from the school district. School is closed today.

"School is out." I say.

He stayed silent.

"Luke?" He shot me a look and turned off the car.

"Out." He pointed to my door.


"Out." He stared straight ahead.

"Is it because i wont kiss you?"

"You don't understand how much i love you Carly."

"Luke, don't be like this."

"Like what?"

"Like a butthole!" I was getting upset that he was upset.

"Carly, get out."

"Open my door."


"Just do it."

"Fine." He grumbled. He opened his door and walked around, the snow slightly swirling around him.

He reached my door and opened it with a gentle tug. Cold air draws bumps in my skin as i step to the ground.

He looks angry as i stare him in the eyes. God, he is so tall.

His lips are a good 4 inches from mine, but if i wanted my annoying friend back, i was gonna have to close the distance.

I stand up on my tip-toes and press my lips to his. Our lip rings press into skin and it feels different to me.

His lips are cold, but they warm up quickly. At first i can tell he is suprised, but then he relaxes and pulls me tight to him.

He accidentally knocks my beanie off and i know he is getting to serious. He even tries to bite my lip ring.

"Thats over." A centimetre between us. He whimpers, but pulls away.

"What was that for?"

"I didn't want you mad at me." I bit my lip.

"Well, mission accomplished."

"Thanks." I say an i kneel down to retrieve my damp beanie.

"Sorry about that." His cheeks are pink and its adorable. I bet I'm a little flushed too.

"Its okay. Im gonna drive home now."

"Um, okay." He makes circles in the snow with his shoe before moving to his own car.

I walk to my car, and- suprise!- its covered in snow.

I wipe off the windshield as best as i can, the. I get inside. As i start the car, i start to worry. Because when i kissed him, i felt something.

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