Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


26. Luke comes over


"are you sure you'll be alright by youself with Michael?" my dad questions, standing in the doorway of my room. 

"yeah." i cough as i try to sit up in my bed. today, i felt worse even though Michael took care of me yesterday. i had a headache and i couldn't breath through my nose. that made my throat and mouth dry. it was a torturous cycle. 

"alright. i'm trusting you home alone with a boy. don't try anything funny while we're gone."

"dad, i'm sick." i roll my eyes. 

"just making sure you know the rules." 

"i'm not stu- stu- ACHOO!" i cover my nose and reach on my night stand for a tissue. "yuck" i grumble as i toss it in the small trashcan. 

"i dont know why Michael insisted on coming over.." he shook his head and walked out, gently shutting the door. i rest my head on the pillow and bunch up the covers in my hand. a few minutes later, i hear the door open again and i assume its my mom.

"hey." i was wrong.

"hey Michael." i try sitting up again, but it hurts my head, so i fall back down on the pillow. "uhhhhhhh." 

"aw." i hear michael walk over to me and i look up at him as he stands over the bed. "do you feel any better?" 

"i feel worse." 

"thats not good." i see in the light from the door that he is frowning. 

"i'll be fine." i assure him, but he doesn't seem so convinced. he walks back over to the door and flips on the lightswitch. i whine and pull the covers over my head to hide my eyes from the lights. 

"Michael! i have a headache!" i yell at him from under the blankets. 

"shit, sorry!" the lights go off and i feel someone sit beside me. i push off the covers and stare at michael in the dark. he has a sheepish look on his face and i giggle. 

"why are you laughing at me?" 

"im- im not." i have to stop laughing because its hurting my head. 

"ugh." he crosses his arms and looks up at a ceiling corner. 

"are you mad at me?" i ask, grinning. he makes a 'humph' noise and i poke him on the shoulder. 

"what?" he looks at me with his light green eyes and i smile. "your so cute mikey." 

"i'm not cute, im punk rock." he protests and i bust out laughing.

"punk rock?" i question when the laughter subsides. "your a kitten." 

"a badass kitten." 

"sure..." i stifle my giggles. "face it, your adorable." 

"whatever." he looks away but i tug on his arm and he looks back at me.

"cuddle with me. thats what kittens do." he frowns at the kitten remark, but he crawls under the covers with me and spoons. i have to be the little spoon of course. he kisses my forehead and i smile, burying my head in his chest. 

"feel better?" he asks. 

"a little." 

"good." he presses his lips to the top of my head, and i feel myself drifting off to sleep. 




i wake up in someone's embrace, and i look up and see michael. his eyes are closed and his lips are slightly parted. he looks so peaceful and i grin. he really is beautiful. i listen to his steady breathing and i smile when his nose slightly scrunches. 

then i feel it. i have to sneeze. 

i bury my face in the pillow, and wait to sneeze. the feeling goes away, and i sigh in relief. but then it comes back and before i have time to react, i sneeze and michael is startled awake. 

"sorry michael." i wipe my nose with me sleeve- (sorry i couldn't reach a tissue) and give a hug.

"its fine. bless you by the way." 

"thanks." i smile at him, but then i feel something else and frown. cramps. i 

"whats wrong?" i grimace and look at him, hoping he won't make me say it. this was already awkward yesterday when he found my pads. 

"oooooh." i can tell that he is embarrassed because he stayed quiet. 

"sorry." i lay back down on the pillow, grumpy because of the pain. michael turns on the lamp and i blink a few times to adjust to it. he shifts under me so that i'm sitting between his legs and my back is resting on his stomach. 

"what are you doing?" i look back at him and he just smiles and starts rubbing my belly. 

"Michael, thats not..." but it feels really good and helps with the pain, so i stay quiet. 

"thank you Michael." i smile and lean back on him. 

"sure. i came over here to help." 

"your so sweet. but speaking of missing school..." i fiddle with the covers. "we have to go back tomorrow." 

"what if your not better by then?" 

"then i'll have to stay home. but we can't avoid school and Luke forever." 

"yeah i know. maybe he won't bother us." 

"i think i need to talk to him." 

"you know thats not a good idea. he doesn't walk to talk." i remember the day Luke and Michael faught over Luke kissing me, resulting in our suspension. we have had a three week break since we had just been on winter break. 

"i know... but... i want to talk to him about a few things." 

"about what?" he questions. 

"just.. things." it was awkward because what i wasn't telling Michael was how i wanted to talk to Luke about how i thought maybe i was starting to have feeling for luke. the only reason i thought this is because i felt something when Luke kissed me. Michael knew this, but he didn't know i had been thinking about it so much. 

Michael raised an eyebrow at me. 

"well, if you want to talk to Luke, why don't you just text him? you still have his number. i don't like the idea.... but since you walk to talk..." 

"i uh.. need to do it in person." 

"why?" he looked confused, but then his expression changed. "are you cheating on me with Luke?" 

"what? no! of course not!" i dont know why he would jump to a conclusion thats so drastic. 

he narrowed his eyes.

"i don't believe you." he pushes me off his lap and gets out of the bed. 

"Michael, why don't you trust me?" i look up, confused. 

"i don't know. its just... this whole thing with Luke... he wouldn't be around you so much if you weren't secretly seeing him. no guy is that clingy." 

"what? i'm barely around Luke except in Science class! you know that Michael!" i start to get angry at him for not believing me. if it were the other way around, i would believe him. 

"but something just doesn't seem right." 

"Michael, i'm not lying." angry tears started to form at the corner's of my eyes, and he paused. 

"don't cry." his light green eyes got softer.

"what do you expect! my boyfriend doesn't trust me!" i yell. i was hurt that he was trying to pin me as a cheater. i may not have been completely turned off by Luke, but that doesn't mean i was fucking him or something.

"i just don't know what to believe." he sits on the edge of the bed. 

"get out." i whisper.


"you heard what i said. i can't believe you don't trust me." i mutter. 

"well with all this drama-"

"Michael, just go and leave me alone today." 

"but your sick."

"i can take care of myself. or maybe i can call Luke." i taunt. his expression turned angry and he walked to the door.

"fine, fucking be that way." he slammed the door closed and i stared in shock, surprised by his harsh words. my eye burn as i hear the front door slam shut. 

"Michael?" i whisper. there was obviously no answer. my vision blurs and soon my cheeks are wet with salty tears. i sent away Michael, and it was all my fault for being so shady. 

i pull the covers over my head, and spend the next few hours crying, sneezing, and sleeping. 




i wake up to the sound of a doorbell.

i open my swollen eyes and look at my shut bedroom door, deciding whether or not to see who is at the door. i thought it might be Michael, so i wrap myself in one of the blankets, and run to the bathroom to check how i look. i almost scream.

my eyes and nose are red and my hair is a rats nest. i get a washrag red and scrub my face really fast, and as for my hair, i bull on a beanie and hope it hides it good enough. i hear the doorbell again and i hurry downstairs, then i take a deep breath and open the door. 

"Michael, im so-" i stop dead in my tracks when i see a tall blonde boy in a beanie.

"Luke?" he is wearing black Vans and skinny jeans, and a Nirvana t-shirt. he looks confused since i said Michael's name. "what are you doing here?" he is wearing his backpack which means he just came from school. did i really stay in my room mostly all day?

"you weren't at school today and i was worried. whats wrong? you look upset." 

"i uh.." i chew nervously on my lip and stare at the floor. "i had a fight with Michael." i whisper to my socks. i pick at my sleeves and look up when Luke says nothing. he has a look of sympathy on his face. i must look really pathetic. 

"can... can i come in?" he asks. i shrug and move from the door so he can walk inside. 

"put your backpack anywhere." i tell him, walking over to the couch. 

"so.. why did you stay home in the first place." 

"i have a cold." i look down at my pathetic self and suddenly feel self conscious.  

"oh god... i look awful..." i should have put more thought into getting 'ready'. "i uh.. i'm gonna go..." i don't finish my sentence and i race upstairs to fix my appearance. i didn't want to look bad in front of someone that looks so good. i pause when that thought comes to my mind and i shake my head. this cannot be happening to me.

i race to get dressed and put on makeup and brush my teeth since i hadn't since last night, and i brush my hair. when i look a whole lot better than i did twenty minutes ago, i rush back downstairs in my black leggings and big red knit sweater. my hair was in a messy bun, but i thought it went well with the 'lazy day' look. 

"sorry, i looked awful." 

"you didnt have to change. i think you always look beautiful." i blush at the compliment, and then blush more when i realise that i accepted his compliment this time. 

"i really dont, thanks anyway." 

"oh. well, are you okay? after your fight i mean. what happened?" 

"i don't really want to talk about that." 

"oh." he looks disappointed and i feel bad for him. 

"well.... it was just that... he thought i was cheating." he looks up at me.

"are you?" 

"with you." this was another way to answer his question. 

"oh. i guess it was a false assumption then." 

"yeah. and he got really mad and left." i pick at my sleeves. 

"he should have trusted you." i feel Luke wrap an arm around me and i look up at him, blushing at the contact. his blonde hair was framed around his favorite grey beanie, his blue eyes were sparkling under the light, and he was biting his lip ring subconsciously. i look down, my cheeks on fire. i never really noticed how attractive he was until now. i mean, i knew he was good looking, but i was always too busy rejecting him to actually notice just how beautiful he is. 

"were you.. staring at me?" i hear a smirk in his voice. 

"uh.. n-no." i stammer. 

"i think you were." i look back at him and bite my lip. 

"i can tell that your falling for me carly." his blue eyes search my green ones and i swear it was like i was looking in a beautiful ocean. 

"i-im n-not." he was making me extremely nervous and i couldn't tell why. my heart was fluttering. i hadn't felt this way around Luke before. something had changed. 

"face it." our faces were inches apart, and i swear my whole body was on fire at that moment. he started to close the distance and i didn't know what to do. i stayed still and watched as he got closer and closer. 

finally our lips met.

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