Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


5. inspection

"Thanks again, i had fun."

"Sure. We should hang out again. Tomorrow maybe?"

"Slow down there, i almost died today." I gestures to my knees.

"Yeah, sorry about that."

"Bot your fault, i'm clumsy." Dang it. Was i really gonna talk like this for a while? I sighed.

"It will go back to normal soon."

"I bope." COME ON!

"Do you have to eat soft foods?"



"At least i can have a slurshie."

"Whats a slurshie?" I stared at him and finally just shrugged and laughed.

"I know what you mean though." I smiled.

"Well i better bo. bo. BO! Uh." I kept trying to say "go" but it just wasn't working. I saw Luke stifling a laugh, and i just rolled my eyes.

"Bye carly."

"Bye Buke." I frowned and just walked away. I was getting really mad that i couldn't talk.

I opened the door to my house and walked inside. I closed the door and walked up the stairs to my room.


"Ya!" At least that sounded okay.

"Where were you?"

"Tattoo parlor." I knew they wouldn't mind.

"You got a tattoo?"

"Bope." Well if that wasn't a hint i don't know what was.

"Tongue bar?"


"Let me see!" My mom walked down the hall and i stuck out my tongue.


"Banks." I grimaced.

"It will get better."

"I bope." Ugh.

"Want some ice cream?"

"Yeah." I smile and walk down the stairs. When I'm on the fifth stair from the bottom, my phone beeps. Its Luke.

832-349-3848: hey

I never saved him number, oops.

Luke: hey

Me: hey

Luke: hows it going

Me: bout to eat icecream

Luke: lucky

Me: ikr

Me: my mom thinks my new ring is cute. :D

Luke: it is

Me: thanks. Hows your tattoo doing?

Luke: sore

Me: same here with my tongue

Luke: i guessed that much

Luke: how are your hands?

Me: they hurt

Luke: sorry :(

Me: brb

Luke: okay

I leave my mom for a moment to go look at my tongue ring. I get to the downstairs bathroom mirror and inspect it.

It is cute, but I'm dying to take it out and look at the piercing itself. Is it safe? I hoped so.

I gently unscrew the stud and slide out the bar. It feels really weird. I look at the hole, and its a pretty decent size.

Its a little bloody, so i decide to carefully wash the ring clean. When its all clean and shiny, I'm about to put it back in when i test my voice.

I sound normal. I look closer at my tongue and see its a little swollen, but you cant really tell it in my voice. I shrug and gently place the ring back through.

I walk out and back to the kitchen where i see my mom making a bowl of icecream. Mmmmm i loves that stuff so much. It was chocolate with vanilla sprinkles.

"Banks." Back to weird talking. I take a bite and the spoon clanks against the metal stud. It feels weird having something in you mouth, but when you swallow its still there. Like chewing gum.

I finish my dessert, then go upstairs to my room.

I was starting to have second thoughts about this peircing. Luke had talked me into it. Maybe i would let it grow together, and keep the bar for my lip or something.

I played with it as i laid on my bed. I would give it a try, then if i didn't like it, i would just take it out. Simple.

It was then that i remembered Luke was waiting for me to reply.

Me: hey

Luke: hey where did u go

Me: to look at my ring

Luke: cool

Me: ikr i might take it out

Luke: what? Why?

Me: i don't know... Im still deciding. It just...

This not talking thing is bothering me.

Luke: you will be fine. :)

Me: you think?

Luke: yeah. ;) now get some rest, and will you date me?

Me: never in a million years ;)

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