Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


12. i lost him

what just happened?

he was so close when he slipped that piece of paper in my pocket. i didn't dare looking at the paper.

"im glad your not dating?"

was he hitting on me? part of me was really nervous and the other half was freaking out be because he seemed to like me too.

i spent the last class of the day daydreaming instead of working on whatever we were doing in class.

i walked out of class and to my car dazed. but someone stopped me from getting inside.

"who was that?" Luke looked troubled.

"it was Michael, i guess he was new to class."

"Michael? sounds punk rock."

"well i mean, he does have bright red hair-"

"do you like him?" he blurted. i stared into his eyes.

"we just met, but i mean, he is a good looking guy."

"oh." he looked at the ground.

"luke..." i said softly. i felt kinda bad now. he looked up at me with tears in his eyes. i was shocked, i have never seen this before.

"why are you crying?"

"because I'm loosing you."

"your not loosing me." i moved a little closer to him and hugged him. i was comforting him, but he was so tall so it looked like he was hugging me.

i breathed in his scent; he smelled like cinnamon and the cold.

"please don't leave me." he whispered.

"i don't know where everything is going Luke."

"i couldn't stand you leaving me."

"were friends." i pulled away. "want to sit in my car?"

"um, no. i guess were uh, not friends anymore so..."

"what? Luke, were friends, and your awesome!"

"but you wont date me!"

"thats because i think about you as a brother, and i don't really love you like a boyfriend."

"i guess you never will either, and it hurts me that you don't love me back."

"I'm sor-"

"save it." and he walked off.

i ran after him.

"luke! please don't be this way!"

"if your never gonna love me, i shouldn't be hurting myself by staying around you." he walked away, but this time, i didn't chase him.

i just walked back to my car, and rested my head on the steering wheel, thinking about what i just loss.

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