Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


30. i fell for him



"what?" Luke questioned, seeming unsure that he heard me.

"i choose you." i reach up on my tip toes and struggle a little bit since he is so tall, and he reaches down a little bit and our lips meet. i guess you could call it a cliche moment; a kiss in the rain. but it was amazing. when i said those three words, i no longer felt nervous about Michael. i couldn't even name a reason i liked the guy, and Luke was completely right. 

when we pulled apart, i just held onto him in a big hug. soaking wet. my hair was in my eyes and Luke's favorite beanie was all wet and about to fall off. i look down at my wet sweater and wring it out, not doing much good. 

Luke laughed and i blushed, but giggled with him. his blonde hair turned darker with the water, and it was sticking to his forehead, and he was smiling. 

"your beautiful." he said, cupping my cheek and swiping his thumb across it. i flicked my gaze downward and smiled. 

"im so glad you chose me." he tilted up my face and kissed me, this time being more passionate. he traced his tongue along my bottom lip, causing me to whimper. 

"so beautiful..." he pressed his lips in line down my neck and i could tell he's always wanted to do this. he was always waiting for me to fall for him, and now after all these years, i had finally returned his feelings. 

he cupped my face with both his hands, and we made out in the rain for a while. after a while, i was shivering and Luke noticed. he pulled me into a tight hug, but it was no use, he was cold too.

"let's go inside before you get sick." i nod, my teeth chattering. he wraps an arm around my waist and we walk inside my house. 

"your soaking wet!" my mother says when she see's us. "Carly, go get a shower, Luke..." she thinks for a moment. "i can get you some clothes to wear. you take a shower too! your shivering!" we look at each other and shrug. we start to walk away, but my mom says something else. 

"and why were you guy's standing out their so long for?" i froze but Luke was smooth under pressure and didn't miss a beat. 

"talking through some things." 

"sure took a while..." and she walked away, leaving us to shower. 

"come on." i tug Luke up the stairs and theirs no other sound than our footsteps and water dripping on the carpet. 

"Were getting the floor wet." He giggles which causes me to grin. He really is adorable when he giggles. 

"I know silly, know come on, you shower in my bathroom, and i'll go to my bathroom." 

"Or we could shower together." Instantly my cheeks heat up from this idea and i look at him, his stupidly cute grin and soaking wet hair sticking to his forehead. 

"Luke, we cant do that." 

"Why not?" He presses his lips to my forehead and my skin heats up underneath the touch. 

"Stop seducing me Luke." i say playfully and he faked a pout. "Go take a shower." i laugh and walk to my parents room.

The whole time i'm showering, i think about two things.

1. how i never though i would fall for a hot dork named Luke Hemmings 

2. And that he was in my shower, completely naked. and i didn't mind it one bit. 

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